Leveling and Complete Story Quest Guide for Last Epoch

Stuck in the story? Or do you just want a full guide to follow? Welcome to my complete leveling and story quest guide for Last Epoch. I’ve took the time and created a step by step story quest guide for Last Epoch. Each map has numbered steps and a describtion so you will not miss anything. You can decide which sidequest you want to go for. Red Pins stands for Passive Points you can earn as a quest reward and Green Pins for Idol Slots. If your stuck and dont know where you are and what to do press M or check the quest tab on the right side.

If you need Build Guides feel free to check my youtube or visit our build guide section here on the website.

1 startpoint of character after creatig your char
2 go east to Travelers Camp
3 again east to Southern Plateau
4 Kill Haruspex Orian and go into the portal

1 starting point
go all the way to council 3 chambers – your first passive point congrats 😛
head north to 4 Last Archive, move right into 5 Erzas Libary and open the chest
move to 6 Pannions Study and kill the students then back to council chambers
7 go to precipice and kill Idol Of Loathing and go into the ancient cavern portal
move to the other side and get out of the portal and move to the east to Armoury 8 and kill the Voidfused Forge
move to the north in armoury to the lower district 9 and kill The Husk of Elder Pannion
back to coucil chambers and get your first 4 idol slots and next passive point

move to the south pass the sheltered wood and go to 10 the surface
all the way to the east visit 11 cultist camp
south to 12 welryn docks and kill void centipede
go back to the cultist camp and move north to 13 ruins of welryn and kill 3 void horrors
enter 14 welryn undercity kill The Last Imperial
back to the camp and move now east to 15 Ritual Site ther is Void Amalgamation waiting for you kill him!
jump over his torso and move east to 16 Shattered VAlley
Now north and explore 17 Abandoned Tunnel
again north 18 Lost Refuge and get your 2! passive point

back to The Shattered Valley and go into the Ancient Forest Portal and slay the dragon and get back out
go east to 19 The Courtyard and kill the Temple Guardian to get into 20 The Temple of Eterra
the north into 21 The Lotus Halls to open the bridge in the middle you need to find 2 parts, west and east of the map
open the bride and get into 22 Sanctum Bastille theres The Omen of Silence waiting for you

Welcome to The End Of Time, move upstairs on the west go into the Portal Realm of the Forgotten and choose your Mastery

1 starting point The Outcast Camp
move to the west to 2 Imperial Welryn
next go north to 3 Great College
open the map and go to Ruined Era – 4 Ruined College
back to 3 Great College open the door and finish the quest for an additional Passive Point
Back to 2 Imperial Welryn talk to the guy to start your journey to
Go west 5 Soul Wardens Road kill all the Zombies to open the gate
again west to 6 The Risen Lake jump into The Currupted Lake Portal slay the boss and get 2 Idol Slots
back out and head to the west of the map to get your next Passive Point
go north to 7 Imperial Thetima
then west to 8 Darkling Pier
move to 9 Imperial Dreadnought
then up to the 10 Deck of the ship and slay Admiral Harton and jump of the deck

1 Shining Cove Starting point
northeast to 2 Majasan Desert
go to 3 Wraith Dunes in the north slay Argolos and in the south of the map destroy the wraith caller
next go to 4 Majelka speak with Rouj to get your next Passive Point and destroy 2 Imperial Forces
run east to 5 Sapphire Quarter jump into Ruins of Majelka Portal and kill the Omen Of Silence, get back and kill 2 more Imperial Forces
remove the barrier and go to 6 Oracles Abode
back to 1 Shining Cove move to the east of the map and go into the 7 Ruined Coast Portal kill Ortraek The Survivior
port to 6 Oracles Abode to get your next 2 Idol Slots and 1 Passive Point
Enter 8 The Majelkan Catacombs move straight to 9 Titans Canyon and kill Spymaster Zerrick
go to 10 Majelka Waystation and go into the waypoint

as soon as you arrive at 1 Deser Waystation you will get another Passive Point
Enter 2 Rust Lands and go into the Verdant Lakes Portal to 3 Ancient Forest and kill Orchiriant The Rampant he will drop the unique Orchirians Petals
Back to 2 Rust Lands and move east to 4 Lower Sewers
Run north to 5 Barren Aqueduct
next to 6 Necropolis of the Deep and move to the southeast to enter 7 Yulias Haven and get your next Passive Point
go north to 8 Nests of the Fallen and kill The Fallen Osprix Leader to get your next Passive Point
go to 9 Upper Necropolis and move straight into 10 Citadel Sewers and kill the 3 Imperial Watchers
Enter 11 Immortal Summit goto the suth over the bridge and enter
12 Immortal Citadel and defeat Harton, Zerrick and Yulia then go into the portal

as soon as you arrive at 1 Gates of Solarum you will earn your next Passive Point
then move south to 2 Burning Forrest
again west to 3 Scorched Grove Survive the battle
you will be ported to 4 Heoborea
next move to the north 5 Tundra go to the north of teh map to activate the waypoint then go south an kill Eber on this map
go into 6 Ice Caverns and kill Rime Giant
go to 7 Heoborean Forest and move to the west to
8 Nomad Camp and kill Wengari
again west to 9 Wengari Fortress and kill 2 Wengaris for the sidequest for 2 Idol Slots and slay the Wengari Chieftains for another 2 Idol Slots

use the portal to 5 Tundra and Enter 10 Temple of Heorot and defeat the Temple Guardian and enter the portal to
11 Farwood head first east then north to enter 12 Frozen Roots
staright to 13 Tomb of Morditas and kill The Frostroot Warden get back to Heoborea to get your next 2 Idol Slots
now go to the east 14 The Solemn Path straight back to 15 Scorched Grove
next you need to travel to 16 The Northern Stream run south of the map
and enter 17 Deep Harbor
then go to The Burning Pier and save the civilians and kill the Invasion Commander and Saboteur
Back to Deep Harbor

1 Lake Liath starting point
go east to 2 Etendell and defeat the Covenant of Hegemony and destroy the Siege Golem
head west to 3 Liaths Road and fight the Incasion Forces
go to 4 Liaths Tower, move to the top and defeat Pontifex theres the next Passive Point
5 Thetima is your next goal – travel to the Isle

6 Welcome to Lagons Isle, move to the west of the map there is a hidden quest talk to him then move south
and go to 7 Moonlit Shrine
head east to 8 Coral Pools to get the moon fragment located eastsouth of the map and gather eggs and kill crabs from the questguy in middlewest
next we move to the west 9 Strand of Storms get the moonfragment located top north and find the stranded west of the map slay Meruna Sirens and Kill Sailors in this Area
deliver your sidequests and then back to 7 Monolith Shrine and open the portal to
10 Temple of Lagon – first go west then north then east and north and go into
11 Temple of Depths – go east then south move into
12 Sanctum of The Architect and kill Liath ande move then into
13 Seafloor Colosseum to kill LAGON theres the last Passive Point

Congrats you’ve done the entire Campaign.
Your now ready to start Monolith
Hope i was able to help feel free to follow on socielmedia for my weekly videos.

Last Epoch Mage Build – Fire Sorcerer

Love Fire Mage Builds? In this Last Epoch Build Guide for the Sorcerer Mastery class I’m going to show you how to burn down everything very fast! We are using Elemental Nova as AOE Damage with an very fast cast speed and Volcanic Orb for our single target damage! Have you ever killed The Emperer Of Corpses in under 30 seconds? Well now you can ;P


AS always Gear on Tunklab here



mage passive point tree
sorcerer passive points tree


Last Epoch Build – Low Life Melee Minion Necromancer

Stef do u know a good minion build for Last Epoch? As a huge fan of necrobuilds i really wanted to make it work. I’ve tried a lot and I’m happy to present you today my newest build guide creation – The Low Life Melee Minion Necromancer for the acolyte class. YES this build is viable for endgame and sooo much fun to play. Gain up to 5K ward and control 19 Minions with a good amount of damage and very high movement and attack speed!


Heres the tunklab link


we want high crit chance for our minions


acolyte passivepoints
lich passive points
necromancer passive points


Last Epoch Build – Multishot On Speed! Diablo 2 Bowazon revival

Have you played Diablo 2? Can you remember back in the days the good old Bowazon build with an absolute absurd attack speed? Spamming thoses multishot arrows like crazy in all directions. Well today we bring you this feeling back to Last Epoch with our Marksman build. Yeah its here and its so much fun! Enjoy my complete guide and if you have questions feel free to drop em below. Shoutout to HYBRIA original first creator of this build! Thanks to the whole community!


Check the needed gear on tunklab here


if you dont have these just put damage increase: physical damage or attack speed- if you need also resistances or health can help


bowazon rogue passives
Bowazon MArksman passives


Last Epoch Build – DOT Poison Bladedancer

I’ve pushed this last epoch build to the maximum and its epic. The damage output of this DOT bladedancer poison build is absolutely insane. I’m able to push up to 5 million damage per second. Bosses will be dead before they notice you. I’m using Shurikens, Acid flask and Decoy to get massive poison stacks on my enemies, and hell yes its a lot of fun.

I’ve never really liked playing these boring and slow Dot builds in arpgs but this one is a real banger!


Check needed gear on tunkab here


posion chance per equipped dagger, damage while wielding a dagger
or if you dont have any of this, use posion dmg increase or resistances.


rogue passives
bladedancer passives


use flurry for leveling as soon as you have your gear ready use shurikens

Last Epoch Build – Devouring Orb Warpath Void Knight

Hey guys! First time i saw Devouring Orb, Abyssal Orbs it really reminded me back to PoE. Ive played hundreds of hours with Volatile Dead Detonate Dead and really wanted to make this work. I was not happy with the damage but i didn’t gave up. Finally after lots of tweaks of this build i can finally call it a build! Before you ask, No this is not a meta build, but do i enjoy it playing? HELL YES!!!

Im stacking Crit as much as i can up to 50% ctr and pushing the crit multiplier, spell damage and viod damage. Also i enjoy the high speed of thes buils waht makes it fun for speedruns. Abyssal Orbs are jsut seeking and destroying everything I’m sure you’ll love this combination. Cheers

Edit 14.12.2020 Weve replaced Ephemeral Stance for Anomaly for more single target dps
Edit 14.12.2020 Dual Wielding version added

Showcase Video Dual Wielding:



Heres the tunklab link 😛

Dual Wielding Version – more damage and speed



for those want to play dual wielding dont forget this passive point
sentinel passive tree
Void Knight passive tree


Last Epoch Build Marksman Crit Ballista

YES!!! The Rogue Class with the mastery Marksman for Last Epoch is here, we’ve put together a Ballista build that will blow away just everything. We’re going to shoot so much arrows at bosses that they will get scared and run away XD just joking but of course we’re going to slay thoses bosses in record time! Edit 14.12.2020 – Ballista Bow Uethrins Stand Variation Update
Edit 14.12.2020 – Allres Version added


Check all the gear on tunklab here.

Gear with Uethrins Stand ( Unique Bow)

Allres Version here


Use Idols with +10 bow physical damage for ballistae for a huge boost


rogue passives
marksman passive tree


Ballista skill without the unique bow – max dps and attack speed

For the Unique Bow Uethrins Stand we need more uptime for our Ballistas

Ballsita skill with Uethrins Stand

Enjoy feel free to follow on social media for updates



Last Epoch Build Low Life Marrow Shards Crit Necromancer

Today we are going to move into the #1 dps build for the videogame Last Epoch. The damage output is insane. Easy 50 to 150k crits are possible with this build guide. I havent seen anything close to this in 500 hours of playing Last Epoch.

Marrow Shards does not need mana and we pushed the damage as high as possible. 50% Critical strike chance and a high multiplier will make bossfights easy and fast XD also we are using a very high cast speed rate to get 2-5 crits per second. 1 million dps in 2-3 seconds!


Go Here for the gear.


get 4 of these bad boys


acolyte tree
lich tree
necromancer tree


Last Epoch Build Firebrand Flame Reave Spellblade

Want an OP Spellblade build with crits up to 150K+?! Hell yeah weve got you covered. This Last Epoch build has been created by our friend and community member LLAMA. We are using the power of Firebrand and Flame Reave to burn just everything! You can collect the rest of your enemies in an fucking ashtray! Also we get around 1-2K ward and easily tanking throught the story and push your build very fast right into the endgame!


Simply CLICK HERE to check the needed gear on tunklab. Enjoy


For idols you want to get everything that pushes your damage.

This is the one you want to look for extremely rare.


mage passive tree
spellblade passive tree


firebrand skill
flame reave skill
enchant weapon skill
mana strike skill

Last Epoch Build Lightning Sorcerer

rank 2 sorc class

You’re looking for the ultimate mage sorcerer build for Last Epoch? If your answer is yes then keep on reading Im gonna introduce you to our lightning build with crits up to 100K per tick, and yeah they will tick very very fast XD

We are going to use elemental nova skilled with lightning for AOE damage and lightning blast to blow away bosses and elite packs. OMG this rocks. Get your full mana back with nova and simply use teleport for an insane clearing speed. Flame ward will help you to survive.

If you are playinjg Last Epoch and havent tried this build you are missing out on a lot of fun.


Full DPS Gear –GO HERE

For those want to play with a 2h staff GO HERE

You can find the Wand and Catalyst-version HERE


use damage increase idols, we prefeer this one its very rare if you got 4 with 90 to 100% of it you are a lucker


mage passives
sorc passives


elemental nova skilled to lightning
lightning blast
flame ward