Diablo 4 Starter Build Guide Rogue Penetrating Shot

Diablo 4 Build Guide 🏹 Rogue Penetrating Shot 1 to 50

Hello there, welcome to the fastest class in diablo 4 the rogue. We are playing this build with the good old penetrating shot. Yes no melee on the rogue we are using also a bow and you are still able to make a lot of damage. The combo with death trap and his insane fast cooldown makes this a fun to play build. All aspects in this guide can be easy farmed in dungeons and we are not using lilith statues so you can have the best experience in terms of damage and survivability! Enjoy.


Yeah i know i forgot the daggers 😀
You just basically want to upgrade asap all the time. Pure damage stats to push the damage.
You can start printing the Penetrating shot aspect once you reach World Tier 3.


Combo Points for massive penetrating damage boost


Puncture as Energy Generator. Feel free to drop 5 points into for more dps.
Penetrationg Shot
Weapon Mastery
Concealment and Dark Shroud
Shadow Imbuement
Death Trap

Diablo 4 Necromancer Starter Build Guide Blood Surge 1-50

Diablo 4 Starter Build Guide 😈 Necromancer Blood Surge 1-50

Damn that build has a lot of damage in the leveling progress. I have played a lot of builds and I can really say its very close to the rogue. just not so fast but lets see what we can do in the endgame 😀 After lots of hours testing and tweaking Im happy to present you my blood surge build for the diablo 4 class necromancer. If you want to play without minions try this beast! Youre gonna love it. We are using hemorrhage with lots of attack speed to get our essence fast back and make our skill blood surge the ultimate damage source. The combination of the whole build including Overpower,curses etc feels very good. As you can slow enemies and make em deal less damage to you and your teammates. Once you reach World Tier 3, start putting in the aspect: Blood surges nova echoes again after a short delay, dealing 35% less damage. Its a free cast!!!! Enjoy


Essence cost reduction is available here if you can get


nah we dont need minions or a golem XD


Essence and fortify regenerator hemorrhage
our damage beast blood surge with overpower
What would be a good necro without curse skills?
corpse tendrils and blood skill pushes
was not happy with blood wave thats why using bone curse atm
Rathmas Vigor and Overpower ftw

Diablo 4 Altar of Lilith All Locations

What is Altar of Lilith and why you need it!

Altar of Liliths are statues hidden anywhere in the open world of Diablo 4. Every altar you will find and click on it will increase all sorts of stats on your accounts characters. Yes on all your characters on your realm! This will give you a boost you dont want to miss out! Done everything in the game? Farm these statues 😀

Examples of stats gaines from theses statues:

  • Main stats: strength, dexterity, willpower and intelligence
  • Paragon Points
  • Renown
  • Maximum capacity of Obols


Diablo 4 altar of lilith Fractured Peaks
Diablo4 altars of lilth Scosglen
Diablo4 Altar of lilith Kehjistan
Diablo4 Altar of lilith Hawezar
Diablo4 Altar of Lilith Dry Steppes

Diablo 4 Lightning Mage Build Guide 1-50

Diablo 4 ⚡ Lightning Mage – Sorc Leveling Build Guide with Arc Lash and Chain Lightning

Ever wanted to try a lightning mage? Welcome to my newest Diablo 4 Build Guide for the lightning sorcerer. This build rocks and has a decent amount of damage and movement speed. We are using the close range basic damage skill arc lash in combination with chain lighning and crackling energy. You will have a lot of fun! All Aspects in this guide can be farmed easy in dungeons. Guide is for level 1 to 50. Enjoy


use the offensive aspect here if you want. or swap to ring.



arc lash gonna be your basic skill
lightning chain is sooo much fun
teleportn n stuff
crackling energy and div pushes
unstable currents is a must
vyrs mastery is just damn op 😛


lighning chain push also drop only
massive dps push! also drop only

Diablo 4 🧔 Barbarian Leveling Build Guide Frenzy Whirlwind

This is the first leveling guide for the videogame diablo 4 and the barbarian class. I really enjoyed playing the good old spin to win build and the dps kind of felt ok. not op but ok 😀 Ive combined it with frenzy for single target dps and to get more attackspeed and damage reduction. You will be able to play On world tier 2 easy. In this guide the build has been tested an played with all aspects that re able to farm in dungeons and no i havent farmed any Lilith statues XD. So there are ways to improve for sure XD

IF you have questions or just want to hang out with us join our discord here https://discord.gg/Zm43XzSAhB


you gonna need 2 of them
2 handed mace expertise for additional Fury generation


the frenzy skill with attack speed and damage reduction
good old whirlwind spin to win skill 😛
dont forget these shouts XD put in more points if you want.
good old war cry is a must!
using Call of the Ancients really high dps, can switch to Berserker if you want for sure.

Your goal is to get so much Fury generation that you can keep up whirlwind for at least 4 seconds+ and then benefit from the Unbridled Rage note. Thats gonna be a huge dps boost but also need a ton of Fury.

will help with fury costs but need at least 5 keep that in mind. you will drop this ring once you finish the quests and Act 5.
this aspect will help a lot ot move into the Unbridled Rage note but its drop only.

Undecember Shield Strike Build Guide

Undecember 🛡️ Shield Strike Build Guide Zup Finally its here, my promised build guide for undecembers shield strike. damn i had so much fun playing this build. If you have any questions feel free to drop em below or join our discord and hangout with us 🙂


For offensive you want to push your physical damage and attack speed. Also you gonna need as much armor as you can get on your shield. Your skill shield strike will benefit of 20% as increased damage ( max 550%)from your shield.

Defence, cap your resistances, armor and get health as much as you can get, you play a melee build XD

using the Avatar of Boreal and Spica
go for Hamals Blessing Charms


Killing Machine will be filled in the empty spot once i get my second 6 link skill 😀


Zodiac Specialization

Last Epoch Legendary Crafting Guide

Welcome to this short Crafting Guide. Today we are diving into Last Epochs Legendary Crafting System. You can create some really OP Legendaries with this nice crafting method. We are going to show you step by step how this works.

First you are going to need unique gear with Legendary Potential on it. Possible drops are from 1 to 4, 1 will drop a lot and 4 is really rare. Second a exalted gear item of the same type. For example you need an armor for an armor, you cant use a helmet for a body armor. If you dont know exalted gear is with at least one T6 affix on it.

The exalted needs to have 4 affix as stats, and roll all as high as possible!
2 Legendary potential will let you convert 2 random affix from your exalted.

Lets Move to The Crafting Dungeon ;P

To Craft your Legendary you need to enter the Temporal Sanctum Dungeon, can be found in the Ruined Ara, The Ruined Coast. Just port there and Enter The Dungeon. Make sure to select the correct dungeon tier, depending on the unique item and level it has. To enter the Dungeon you gonna need a Temporal Sanctum Key as well of course.

you can unlock Tier4 if you finish Tier3

Now just finish the dungeon, on higher tiers kill as much as you can as the drop rate in here is pretty good 🙂 Your also gonna need to timetravel a lot. If you cant move forward because of prison bars or you cant enter the dungeon exit. Just timetravel. Also the Boss will do a huge AOE, just timetravel 😉

Once youve killed Chronomancer Julra youre able to get into a room with an Eternity Cache. This is the crafting bench. Put in your gear and start crafting your Legendary gear. Remeber stats will just be random picked so youre gonna need a bit luck. Timetravel and get your Legendary Gear. GL HF

didnt had luck with the movement maybe next time XD

Diablo 4 Altar of Lilith Locations

When my mate asked me to farm all Altars of Lilith in Diablo 4 I just said f*** no I hate this kind of farming, I’ll go and play some dungeons. But when I realized there are some huge bonuses per found statue I just had to farm these too 😀

you can get +2 int, dex, str or vit per statue or +5 Obols cap. It counts for all your characters on this realm!

Diablo IV Act1 Fractured Peaks Altars of Lilith all locations

Diablo 4 Aspects and Codex of Power Crafting Guide

Welcome to this short Diablo 4 Aspects and Codex of Power crafting guide. Its for all thoses that dont like to watch videos 😉

First we need to unlock the Occultist for beeing able to imprint and export Aspects and Codex of Power. You can do this once you reach level 25 or by acquiring Codex of Power. That means you just need to run a dungeon.

The quest for unlocking the Occultist will then just pop up in your journal. Extraction and Imprinting.

Codex of Power

You get these as rewards on the first completion of dungeons. You need to know that you only have to do the dungeon once and you can use these over and over again.

The complete list can be found if you open the codex of power collection tab

You can sort them also for your class only what really helps a lot. Also you can see the allowed item types what is very important when it comes to imprinting these stats on your rare gear.


Will be extracted at the Occultist from legendary gear you found. You will only be able to do imprint this once to your gear so make sure if you have a rare aspect you dont waste it on bad gear. The legendary item also will be destroyed.


The crafting is really simple, just put your gear you want to craft it on in. No stat will be lost during the crafting, choose the Aspect or Codex of Power and start crafting it on your rare gear. The power of your Aspects and Codex of Power on your 2H weapon will be increased by 100% and also for the amulet by 50%. So choose wisely.

You will be able to see the outcome before you craft. As you can see on the 2H we get the 100% Bonus on this one what is really nice.