Diablo 4 Aspects and Codex of Power Crafting Guide

Welcome to this short Diablo 4 Aspects and Codex of Power crafting guide. Its for all thoses that dont like to watch videos 😉

First we need to unlock the Occultist for beeing able to imprint and export Aspects and Codex of Power. You can do this once you reach level 25 or by acquiring Codex of Power. That means you just need to run a dungeon.

The quest for unlocking the Occultist will then just pop up in your journal. Extraction and Imprinting.

Codex of Power

You get these as rewards on the first completion of dungeons. You need to know that you only have to do the dungeon once and you can use these over and over again.

The complete list can be found if you open the codex of power collection tab

You can sort them also for your class only what really helps a lot. Also you can see the allowed item types what is very important when it comes to imprinting these stats on your rare gear.


Will be extracted at the Occultist from legendary gear you found. You will only be able to do imprint this once to your gear so make sure if you have a rare aspect you dont waste it on bad gear. The legendary item also will be destroyed.


The crafting is really simple, just put your gear you want to craft it on in. No stat will be lost during the crafting, choose the Aspect or Codex of Power and start crafting it on your rare gear. The power of your Aspects and Codex of Power on your 2H weapon will be increased by 100% and also for the amulet by 50%. So choose wisely.

You will be able to see the outcome before you craft. As you can see on the 2H we get the 100% Bonus on this one what is really nice.