Diablo 4 Starter Build Guide Rogue Penetrating Shot

Diablo 4 Build Guide 🏹 Rogue Penetrating Shot 1 to 50

Hello there, welcome to the fastest class in diablo 4 the rogue. We are playing this build with the good old penetrating shot. Yes no melee on the rogue we are using also a bow and you are still able to make a lot of damage. The combo with death trap and his insane fast cooldown makes this a fun to play build. All aspects in this guide can be easy farmed in dungeons and we are not using lilith statues so you can have the best experience in terms of damage and survivability! Enjoy.


Yeah i know i forgot the daggers 😀
You just basically want to upgrade asap all the time. Pure damage stats to push the damage.
You can start printing the Penetrating shot aspect once you reach World Tier 3.


Combo Points for massive penetrating damage boost


Puncture as Energy Generator. Feel free to drop 5 points into for more dps.
Penetrationg Shot
Weapon Mastery
Concealment and Dark Shroud
Shadow Imbuement
Death Trap