Diablo 4 Lightning Mage Build Guide 1-50

Diablo 4 ⚡ Lightning Mage – Sorc Leveling Build Guide with Arc Lash and Chain Lightning

Ever wanted to try a lightning mage? Welcome to my newest Diablo 4 Build Guide for the lightning sorcerer. This build rocks and has a decent amount of damage and movement speed. We are using the close range basic damage skill arc lash in combination with chain lighning and crackling energy. You will have a lot of fun! All Aspects in this guide can be farmed easy in dungeons. Guide is for level 1 to 50. Enjoy


use the offensive aspect here if you want. or swap to ring.



arc lash gonna be your basic skill
lightning chain is sooo much fun
teleportn n stuff
crackling energy and div pushes
unstable currents is a must
vyrs mastery is just damn op 😛


lighning chain push also drop only
massive dps push! also drop only