Undecember Shield Strike Build Guide

Undecember 🛡️ Shield Strike Build Guide Zup Finally its here, my promised build guide for undecembers shield strike. damn i had so much fun playing this build. If you have any questions feel free to drop em below or join our discord and hangout with us 🙂


For offensive you want to push your physical damage and attack speed. Also you gonna need as much armor as you can get on your shield. Your skill shield strike will benefit of 20% as increased damage ( max 550%)from your shield.

Defence, cap your resistances, armor and get health as much as you can get, you play a melee build XD

using the Avatar of Boreal and Spica
go for Hamals Blessing Charms


Killing Machine will be filled in the empty spot once i get my second 6 link skill 😀


Zodiac Specialization

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