Undecember Build – Earth Blow Melee Crit

Undecember Build Guide ๐Ÿช“ Earth Blow Melee Physical Crit Axe Starter Build
1:23 Gear
10:09 Skills
15:12 Zodiac
Today we are tapping into a melee build. Earth Blow can be played from day 1 great for beginner and is really good also for the endgame. We are playing a crit build here with a lot of yellow number popping up. Fast attack speed fast movement speed, perfect for a melee build fan of Undecember.

Undecember Build – Explosive Slash Meteor Fire Melee

Undecember Build Guide ๐Ÿงจ Explosive Slash Meteor Fire Melee Edition

0:54 Gear

6:16 Skills

12:57 Zodiac

OMG this build is insane. A Combination of Explosive Slash the melee skill with Meteor and a crazy cooldown time. I havent seen anything like this in ‘Undecember Ever. Thanks to the latest patch and the link rune that made this possible. This new rare link rune will make us a lot of great builds for the future ๐Ÿ™‚
If you want to tap into a fire meta build with insane damage try this.
We talked to him and are the first that are translating this build into and english build guide.

Shoutout to qpanda Han Bi-kwang for this awesome Undecember build
Feel free to support him here:

Undecember Build – Bombardment Arrow Rain of Arrows

Undecember Build Guide ๐Ÿ’ฃ Bombardment Arrow Rain of Arrows Bow Build

1:14 Gear

6:42 Skills

10:31 Zodiac

Of course we have tested Undecember Bow Build Bomardment Arrow with a combo of Rain of Arrows and it feels really good.
A great build if you like these kind of skills and great AOE damage. What do you think?
You can find a complete guide for bombardment arrow in this video, if you have still questions feel free to ask.

Undecember Build – Piercing Arrow Rain of Arrows

Undecember Build Guide ๐Ÿน Piercing Arrow Rain of Arrows Bow Build
0:54 Gear
6:45 Skills
12:36 Zodiac
Massive build in this guide we are looking into piercing arrow in combination with rain of arrows. A really fun build where you will be able to pierce everything have a lot of fun and and use rain of arrows as a dps boost. Melt packs of monsters and kill bosses in record time. My #1 story build. Very high flat damage, really great to scale in the story. What do you think most fun bow build in this game? meta?

Undecember Build – Poison Rain of Arrows- Toxic Rain

Undecember Build Guide ๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐Ÿซ Poison Rain of Arrows Toxic Rain 1:11 Gear 10:32 Skills 17:26 Zodiac In this guide I will show you one of my favourite builds from undecember I have recently played: Poison Rain of Arrows Toxic Rain. Its a really fast build and has massive Aoe damage. The single target damage is also not to bad. This video includes a short gameplay and a complete guide. Gear, Skills and Zodiac. If you have questions drop em below or join our discord here.

Undecember Build – Frost Strike Melee

Undecember Build Guide โ„๏ธ Frost Strike Melee

0:40 Gear

7:35 Skills

12:54 Zodiac

My next build for Undecember is a Melee Build. Frost Strike with short gameplay and complete guide on how this works. You will get a nice freezerate and chillchance with this build, 60 to 70K dps on level 70 already :O what makes this really awesome to play. If you have questions feel free to drop em below or visit our discord here.

Undecember Build – Bloodshed Whirlwind

What is up? Today you have the chance to tap into the good old spin to win whirlwind build for undecember. Doing damage while channeling makes this whirlwind build very fast and we are adding the skill Bloodshed for Elites and Bosses. A really fun build with a lot of DPS!


For your gear you want a 2hand weapon as this pushes your dps a lot. Theres also the option to play with a 1 hand weapon and shield if you want more defence. HP Absorb and HP on kill is really important for this build. If you dont have it on the gear you can use the Link Rune Hunger.

For your offence you want Attack Damage, Physical Damage, Attack Speed, Critical rate and critical damage. For your defence get as much Health as you can and push your resistances as high as possible. Kill EXP is a nice bonus but hard to get a good combination focus on defence first as you play a melee build and you will need it ๐Ÿ˜›


If you start from scratch you will need to play the SKILL Earth Blow or any other Physical damage skill until you reach ACT 6 then whirlwind will be available to buy at the vendor.

Bloodshed you can add and buy on Act 5. Will help a lot to get more single target dps and if you want add the Skill Blood Explosion also available on Act5. You will be surprised how much this helps through the story ๐Ÿ™‚

If you have problems to survive and your resistances are high you can add the Link Skill Hunger for additional LIFE LEECH.


3:1 Ration


Undecember Build – Bowazon

Oh yeah I just love bow builds and today you can tap into Undecember s Bowazon Version. Let me tell you that it was fun and it pushed me very fast through the story ๐Ÿ˜› If you’re new and love bow builds, this is for you.
We are using Spread Shot for the trash mobs as AOE damage type and Rapid Shot for the Boss / Elitefights as single target damage skill. The attack speed is insane, yeah know it is Bowazon ๐Ÿ˜‰


For the damage you want to push attack speed, physical damage+ and +%, critical rate and critical dmg on your bow, quiver, necklace and rings. Make sure to not forget your defence. Increase resistances based on your act requirements ( press m and check the map) and a dodge rate of 40 to 50 % will help you to survive and get through the story fast.


Spread shot as our AOE to clear the trash and Rapid Shot as our single target damage skill. Illusion arrow is a nice automated dps boost.
Use Marksman and Shout of Provocation for additiona dps boosts.
Bulwark of Protection and Siphon Life will help you to survive and the teleport to travel fast around XD


3 points into dexterity and 2 points into strenght with every level up

Zodiac Expert