Undecember Build – Explosive Slash Meteor Fire Melee

Undecember Build Guide 🧨 Explosive Slash Meteor Fire Melee Edition

0:54 Gear

6:16 Skills

12:57 Zodiac

OMG this build is insane. A Combination of Explosive Slash the melee skill with Meteor and a crazy cooldown time. I havent seen anything like this in ‘Undecember Ever. Thanks to the latest patch and the link rune that made this possible. This new rare link rune will make us a lot of great builds for the future 🙂
If you want to tap into a fire meta build with insane damage try this.
We talked to him and are the first that are translating this build into and english build guide.

Shoutout to qpanda Han Bi-kwang for this awesome Undecember build
Feel free to support him here:

Author: StefTheDude

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