Undecember Build – Fireball

Undecember Build Guide 🔥 Fireball Mage
Today we are looking into the first english build guide for undecember with fireball. Our community member LayfonAlseif shared his awesome build with us. Really fast mapping build with massive dps. A caster build i will try myself in the future for sure. Thanks again to this nice guy for sharing it with us. Enjoy and a tipp if you want to add your own twist add meteor 😉
3:30 Gear
8:58 Skills
12:03 Zodiac

Author: StefTheDude

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2 thoughts on “Undecember Build – Fireball”

  1. Ok I am trying to do your build but seems from going from 4 to 5 on the zodiac I have the same as you 24 pts but on 5 say to use 29 to place points how did you get around this ? and there is 2 skills you use that requires synth to make them can you elaborate how you did that on the Element DMG Amplification and Pantheon I can’t seem to find which skills to use to make them or is it random

    1. yeah taht has been changed on the global. Sorry for that just use what you can need. You can always respec your zodiac points for free if you havent killed act10 boss.
      Element DMG Amplification is a magic link rune synthesis and pantheon is currently not available on global… sorry hope to get updates soon 🙂

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