Last Epoch Legendary Crafting Guide

Welcome to this short Crafting Guide. Today we are diving into Last Epochs Legendary Crafting System. You can create some really OP Legendaries with this nice crafting method. We are going to show you step by step how this works.

First you are going to need unique gear with Legendary Potential on it. Possible drops are from 1 to 4, 1 will drop a lot and 4 is really rare. Second a exalted gear item of the same type. For example you need an armor for an armor, you cant use a helmet for a body armor. If you dont know exalted gear is with at least one T6 affix on it.

The exalted needs to have 4 affix as stats, and roll all as high as possible!
2 Legendary potential will let you convert 2 random affix from your exalted.

Lets Move to The Crafting Dungeon ;P

To Craft your Legendary you need to enter the Temporal Sanctum Dungeon, can be found in the Ruined Ara, The Ruined Coast. Just port there and Enter The Dungeon. Make sure to select the correct dungeon tier, depending on the unique item and level it has. To enter the Dungeon you gonna need a Temporal Sanctum Key as well of course.

you can unlock Tier4 if you finish Tier3

Now just finish the dungeon, on higher tiers kill as much as you can as the drop rate in here is pretty good 🙂 Your also gonna need to timetravel a lot. If you cant move forward because of prison bars or you cant enter the dungeon exit. Just timetravel. Also the Boss will do a huge AOE, just timetravel 😉

Once youve killed Chronomancer Julra youre able to get into a room with an Eternity Cache. This is the crafting bench. Put in your gear and start crafting your Legendary gear. Remeber stats will just be random picked so youre gonna need a bit luck. Timetravel and get your Legendary Gear. GL HF

didnt had luck with the movement maybe next time XD