Diablo 4 Altar of Lilith All Locations

What is Altar of Lilith and why you need it!

Altar of Liliths are statues hidden anywhere in the open world of Diablo 4. Every altar you will find and click on it will increase all sorts of stats on your accounts characters. Yes on all your characters on your realm! This will give you a boost you dont want to miss out! Done everything in the game? Farm these statues 😀

Examples of stats gaines from theses statues:

  • Main stats: strength, dexterity, willpower and intelligence
  • Paragon Points
  • Renown
  • Maximum capacity of Obols


Diablo 4 altar of lilith Fractured Peaks
Diablo4 altars of lilth Scosglen
Diablo4 Altar of lilith Kehjistan
Diablo4 Altar of lilith Hawezar
Diablo4 Altar of Lilith Dry Steppes

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