Diablo 4 Necromancer Starter Build Guide Blood Surge 1-50

Diablo 4 Starter Build Guide 😈 Necromancer Blood Surge 1-50

Damn that build has a lot of damage in the leveling progress. I have played a lot of builds and I can really say its very close to the rogue. just not so fast but lets see what we can do in the endgame 😀 After lots of hours testing and tweaking Im happy to present you my blood surge build for the diablo 4 class necromancer. If you want to play without minions try this beast! Youre gonna love it. We are using hemorrhage with lots of attack speed to get our essence fast back and make our skill blood surge the ultimate damage source. The combination of the whole build including Overpower,curses etc feels very good. As you can slow enemies and make em deal less damage to you and your teammates. Once you reach World Tier 3, start putting in the aspect: Blood surges nova echoes again after a short delay, dealing 35% less damage. Its a free cast!!!! Enjoy


Essence cost reduction is available here if you can get


nah we dont need minions or a golem XD


Essence and fortify regenerator hemorrhage
our damage beast blood surge with overpower
What would be a good necro without curse skills?
corpse tendrils and blood skill pushes
was not happy with blood wave thats why using bone curse atm
Rathmas Vigor and Overpower ftw