Wolcen – 2 Hand TurretGod Build

The damage of this build is insane powerful. As Soon as you have this special weapon it will blow your mind. Yeah it make take a while but thats the difference between beginner and real gamer. Farming is the key.

The Weapon You Gonna Need

For this build you will need a 2h melee weapon with high dps and the turret perk on it. You can get it if you run fully upgraded rifts. This build has been made by one of my friends and you can find him here on Youtube. Put all your skillpoints into Ferocity. If you want you can put some into health but in higher rifts you will be anyway a one hit so its better to put em into damage.

For the euipement you need as much DMG as you can get. Crit chance, Crit dmg, Mainstat, Material Dmg, dont use attack speed as this stat is not scaling you your turrets.

Passive Tree For You To Model


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