Last Epoch Mage Build – Fire Sorcerer

Love Fire Mage Builds? In this Last Epoch Build Guide for the Sorcerer Mastery class I’m going to show you how to burn down everything very fast! We are using Elemental Nova as AOE Damage with an very fast cast speed and Volcanic Orb for our single target damage! Have you ever killed The Emperer Of Corpses in under 30 seconds? Well now you can ;P


AS always Gear on Tunklab here



mage passive point tree
sorcerer passive points tree


Last Epoch Build – Low Life Melee Minion Necromancer

Stef do u know a good minion build for Last Epoch? As a huge fan of necrobuilds i really wanted to make it work. I’ve tried a lot and I’m happy to present you today my newest build guide creation – The Low Life Melee Minion Necromancer for the acolyte class. YES this build is viable for endgame and sooo much fun to play. Gain up to 5K ward and control 19 Minions with a good amount of damage and very high movement and attack speed!


Heres the tunklab link


we want high crit chance for our minions


acolyte passivepoints
lich passive points
necromancer passive points


Last Epoch Build – Multishot On Speed! Diablo 2 Bowazon revival

Have you played Diablo 2? Can you remember back in the days the good old Bowazon build with an absolute absurd attack speed? Spamming thoses multishot arrows like crazy in all directions. Well today we bring you this feeling back to Last Epoch with our Marksman build. Yeah its here and its so much fun! Enjoy my complete guide and if you have questions feel free to drop em below. Shoutout to HYBRIA original first creator of this build! Thanks to the whole community!


Check the needed gear on tunklab here


if you dont have these just put damage increase: physical damage or attack speed- if you need also resistances or health can help


bowazon rogue passives
Bowazon MArksman passives


Last Epoch Build – DOT Poison Bladedancer

I’ve pushed this last epoch build to the maximum and its epic. The damage output of this DOT bladedancer poison build is absolutely insane. I’m able to push up to 5 million damage per second. Bosses will be dead before they notice you. I’m using Shurikens, Acid flask and Decoy to get massive poison stacks on my enemies, and hell yes its a lot of fun.

I’ve never really liked playing these boring and slow Dot builds in arpgs but this one is a real banger!


Check needed gear on tunkab here


posion chance per equipped dagger, damage while wielding a dagger
or if you dont have any of this, use posion dmg increase or resistances.


rogue passives
bladedancer passives


use flurry for leveling as soon as you have your gear ready use shurikens

Last Epoch Sacrifice Necromancer

Holy Fuck hahah yeah the exact first words when i 1 shootet the 100 Boss. In this guide im going to walk you through the Sacrifice Necromancer a massive dps build for the videogame Last Epoch. We are able to get up to 1 Million+ dps. We are also able to gain a lot of ward to be very tanky. No defence stats are needed 😉

Go for intelligence, cast speed, spell critical strike chance and increased spell damage
for our summon wraith we want increased minion health and minion dodge rating. damage as a bonus
as idols use increased physical spell critical strike chance, if you dont have em use increased spell damage

For the GEAR just visit my Tunklab link here


Acolyte tree
Lich passive tree
Necromancer Passives





Last Epoch Build Druid KillerWerebear

zzzuup guys. You love Melee builds? Hell yeah the Killerwerebear for the game Last Epoch is on the way and will get you! 😀 We have combined high armor and protections in our build with a lot of dps that will boost you through the story right into the endgame. You will not need a lot of special items to get your Werebear to a 100% uptime and to a critical strike chance of 100%. Youre going to see just yellow numbers . XD We are dealing critical strikes up to 10k per swipe. Havent killed the 100 boss. Now its your time!


Stats in Werebearform unbuffed
Stats in Werebearform buffed
100% crit avoidance willhelp you a lot to survive


We need an idol w x% chance on hit to summon a thorn totem and a weapon with high crit chance. Spell damage is very important as you know this boosts our critical strike chance. The rest can be physical damage and dont forget your resistances 😛

We are using Woven Flesh armor for our glancing blow cap of 100%. dropps from the 55 boss
use polearm for melee crit, add resistances and all attributes

You can Check all the gear on Tunklab here.


Primalist Passives
Beastmaster passives
Our Druid Passive Tree


Enjoy this build guys, im gonna push this to a Low Live Version in the meantime for the Endgame. Build will Follow.

cheers guys :beer: and thanks for reading and watching



Last Epoch Captain America

Udated: 07.11.2020: Heyyy Guys zup? You love Captain America builds? You should keep on reading as this is an OP Build and will be a lot of fun for you to play. We really enjoy playing Last Epoch and are bringing you today an Captain America Build with the Paladin updated for the newest path with a insane survivability and damage combination. We are talking about 200% increased attack speed and 500%+ increased damage combined with high crit chance. This results in insane fast shield attacks and crits up to 8-12K. Enjoy!

Lets Start with the needed Gear:

Heres my tunklab link:

Keen idols 2
life leech for more survivability or use the +20 fire damage for shield throw


sentinel tree
void knight tree
forge guard tree


signils of hope
shield throw
holy aura
volatile reversal this is OP guys

thanks for reading if you enjoyed this guide feel free to drop me a comment




Summon Flame Wraith Crit God Necromancer Build

UPDATE: due to patch 07.10C this build does not work any more 🙁 we are worinkg on updates just follow on social media. cheers

Hey Guys, finally i was able to push my build to the Top. Im right now #4 ranked on the Last Epoch Ladder for the SC Necromancer class.

Today Im going to show you how to spam 80-100 flame balls in seconds. The amount of damage is insane. Hell yeah for sure the best Bosskiller build ever! If you have suggestions or ideas to push this build to the next level feel free to drop your comment! Cheers

Edit 05.09.2020: i switched to Spectral Golem and added a lot more Intelligence to my stats really helped to push the dps and ward retention.

op stats. we can even push this a lot more

For the idols you want at least +100% chance to summon flame wraith, +x% minion chance to apply mark for death on hit and minion critical strike chance and increased minion fire damage.

For the gear we want as much cast speed and mana we can get. Also we want minion health and minion damage as a boost. Intelligence and minion dodge chance would be a nice bonus. If you have put in your Death Rattle unique amulet for an insane crit bonus.

The passive tree should look like this

Acolyte tree
OP Necromancer tree for this build
Lich tree take this int 😛

The 5 skills you need for success

we switched to the spectral golem