Last Epoch Captain America

Heyyy Guys zup? You love Captain America builds? You should keep on reading as this is an OP Build and will be a lot of fun for you to play. We really enjoy playing Last Epoch and are bringing you today an Captain America Build with the Paladin. We are talking about 200% increased attack speed and 500%+ increased throwing attack damage. This results in insane fast shield attacks and crits up to 8-10K. Enjoy!

Lets Start with the ITEMS:

Idols: We want to have at least 2% Damage Leeched as health on Hit up to 5% is great. All other slots use em for +% Chance to deal 20 fire damage on hit with shiel throw

Your main priority should be -3 throwing attack mana cost on both rings,
increased throwing attack speed on rings and gloves. Throwing attack damage everywhere you can put it. Use the forge. just press F search for it and check where you can put it.

Also use Woven Flesh the chest and 1 additional item to get your glancing blow up to 99-100%. Aim for a shield with high blockchance really at least 40% BC. The rest you can use for defence stats armor and protections you will need it XD



If you have low block chance you can use ring of shields instead of smite. 100% Block Chance is possible with this skill.

use ring of shiled instead of smite to get up to 100% Block Chance