Last Epoch Captain America

Updated: 07.11.2020: Heyyy Guys zup? You love Captain America builds? You should keep on reading as this is an OP Build and will be a lot of fun for you to play. We really enjoy playing Last Epoch and are bringing you today an Captain America Build with the Paladin updated for the newest path with a insane survivability and damage combination. We are talking about 200% increased attack speed and 500%+ increased damage combined with high crit chance. This results in insane fast shield attacks and crits up to 8-12K. Enjoy!

Lets Start with the needed Gear:

Heres my tunklab link:

Keen idols 2
life leech for more survivability or use the +20 fire damage for shield throw


sentinel tree
void knight tree
forge guard tree


signils of hope
shield throw
holy aura
volatile reversal this is OP guys

thanks for reading if you enjoyed this guide feel free to drop me a comment