Last Epoch Build – DOT Poison Bladedancer

I’ve pushed this last epoch build to the maximum and its epic. The damage output of this DOT bladedancer poison build is absolutely insane. I’m able to push up to 5 million damage per second. Bosses will be dead before they notice you. I’m using Shurikens, Acid flask and Decoy to get massive poison stacks on my enemies, and hell yes its a lot of fun.

I’ve never really liked playing these boring and slow Dot builds in arpgs but this one is a real banger!


Check needed gear on tunkab here


posion chance per equipped dagger, damage while wielding a dagger
or if you dont have any of this, use posion dmg increase or resistances.


rogue passives
bladedancer passives


use flurry for leveling as soon as you have your gear ready use shurikens