Last Epoch Build Low Life Marrow Shards Crit Necromancer

Today we are going to move into the #1 dps build for the videogame Last Epoch. The damage output is insane. Easy 50 to 150k crits are possible with this build guide. I havent seen anything close to this in 500 hours of playing Last Epoch.

Marrow Shards does not need mana and we pushed the damage as high as possible. 50% Critical strike chance and a high multiplier will make bossfights easy and fast XD also we are using a very high cast speed rate to get 2-5 crits per second. 1 million dps in 2-3 seconds!


Go Here for the gear.


get 4 of these bad boys


acolyte tree
lich tree
necromancer tree


Author: StefTheDude

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