Last Epoch Build Lightning Sorcerer

rank 2 sorc class

You’re looking for the ultimate mage sorcerer build for Last Epoch? If your answer is yes then keep on reading Im gonna introduce you to our lightning build with crits up to 100K per tick, and yeah they will tick very very fast XD

We are going to use elemental nova skilled with lightning for AOE damage and lightning blast to blow away bosses and elite packs. OMG this rocks. Get your full mana back with nova and simply use teleport for an insane clearing speed. Flame ward will help you to survive.

If you are playinjg Last Epoch and havent tried this build you are missing out on a lot of fun.


Full DPS Gear –GO HERE

For those want to play with a 2h staff GO HERE

You can find the Wand and Catalyst-version HERE


use damage increase idols, we prefeer this one its very rare if you got 4 with 90 to 100% of it you are a lucker


mage passives
sorc passives


elemental nova skilled to lightning
lightning blast
flame ward

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