Last Epoch Build Marksman Crit Ballista

YES!!! The Rogue Class with the mastery Marksman for Last Epoch is here, we’ve put together a Ballista build that will blow away just everything. We’re going to shoot so much arrows at bosses that they will get scared and run away XD just joking but of course we’re going to slay thoses bosses in record time! Edit 14.12.2020 – Ballista Bow Uethrins Stand Variation Update
Edit 14.12.2020 – Allres Version added


Check all the gear on tunklab here.

Gear with Uethrins Stand ( Unique Bow)

Allres Version here


Use Idols with +10 bow physical damage for ballistae for a huge boost


rogue passives
marksman passive tree


Ballista skill without the unique bow – max dps and attack speed

For the Unique Bow Uethrins Stand we need more uptime for our Ballistas

Ballsita skill with Uethrins Stand

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4 thoughts on “Last Epoch Build Marksman Crit Ballista”

    1. hey, yeah something ive also planned.right now im jsut running a generic one. i dont want to miss any of the rare or very rare stats on items as i can convert them into shards. but yeah im gonna do a vid about that in the future thanks. really importand and rare is the +1 maximum ballistae for your armor.

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