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🔨 Undecember Gear Crafting Guide Beginner
In this guide we are going to dive into the basic gear crafting of Undecember. If you are a beginner then you are on the right place. I will show you all tipps and ticks you need to know to make crafting fun for you. Craft your dream gear and a massive dps weapon today!

Undecember Charm Guide 🚀up to 30Percent+ DMG push Endgame
In this Video we are diving into Undecember s charm system. I will show you have you can push your damage really massive and also your defence.
This is a endgame tutorial it requires youve unlocked the charm slots completed Act10. Charms will also drop from mapping. And the legendary charm you will get from completing act11 that can be used in the charm fusion table.

Undecember 🛠️ Beginner Gear Crafting Guide

Welcome to my first crafting guide for Undecember. This Guide is focusing on normal, magic and rare items. Start building your dream gear today!

Undecember Alchemy ⚗️ Beginner Crafting Guide

Hey Guys just a short Guide for the Alchemy stuff on Undecember. Very important is that there are skill runes and link runes that you only get with alchemy crafting. Just watch the video. Cheers You can download both sheets here:



Undecember 🎇 Skill Runes and Link Runes Beginner Guide

A Short Guide for the Link Runes and Skill Runes in Undecember. I really love this concept because everyone can have a unique setup. I will walk you through what you have to take care and need to know to craft your dream setup.

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