Undecember Beginner Guide – 10 tips for easy and fast leveling

undecember beginner guide – 10 tips for easy and fast leveling

1 – pick up everything and disassemble it at the blacksmith or pet, you will need crafting materials
2 – use movement speed on your boots
3 – set auto use potions 60percent on 10seconds and 20 percent on 60 seconds
4 – as soon as you reach a new act upgrade your weapon and gear
5 – check your minimum acts main resistances you need and craft
6 – upgrade your skill runes and link runes – and have max possible links on your main damage skill
7 – always set your zodiac points, you will need dps and defence
8 – your new and not sure what to play? guides on wasted666 or check ranking board
9 – check your mailbox and achievements
10 – yes you will die and some a lot XD. be consistand and dont give up 😛
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