Undecember Build – Bloodshed Whirlwind

What is up? Today you have the chance to tap into the good old spin to win whirlwind build for undecember. Doing damage while channeling makes this whirlwind build very fast and we are adding the skill Bloodshed for Elites and Bosses. A really fun build with a lot of DPS!

For your gear you want a 2hand weapon as this pushes your dps a lot. Theres also the option to play with a 1 hand weapon and shield if you want more defence. HP Absorb and HP on kill is really important for this build. If you dont have it on the gear you can use the Link Rune Hunger.

For your offence you want Attack Damage, Physical Damage, Attack Speed, Critical rate and critical damage. For your defence get as much Health as you can and push your resistances as high as possible. Kill EXP is a nice bonus but hard to get a good combination focus on defence first as you play a melee build and you will need it 😛