Undecember Build – Bowazon

Oh yeah I just love bow builds and today you can tap into Undecember s Bowazon Version. Let me tell you that it was fun and it pushed me very fast through the story 😛 If you’re new and love bow builds, this is for you.
We are using Spread Shot for the trash mobs as AOE damage type and Rapid Shot for the Boss / Elitefights as single target damage skill. The attack speed is insane, yeah know it is Bowazon 😉


For the damage you want to push attack speed, physical damage+ and +%, critical rate and critical dmg on your bow, quiver, necklace and rings. Make sure to not forget your defence. Increase resistances based on your act requirements ( press m and check the map) and a dodge rate of 40 to 50 % will help you to survive and get through the story fast.


Spread shot as our AOE to clear the trash and Rapid Shot as our single target damage skill. Illusion arrow is a nice automated dps boost.
Use Marksman and Shout of Provocation for additiona dps boosts.
Bulwark of Protection and Siphon Life will help you to survive and the teleport to travel fast around XD


3 points into dexterity and 2 points into strenght with every level up

Zodiac Expert