Diablo 4 🧔 Barbarian Leveling Build Guide Frenzy Whirlwind

This is the first leveling guide for the videogame diablo 4 and the barbarian class. I really enjoyed playing the good old spin to win build and the dps kind of felt ok. not op but ok 😀 Ive combined it with frenzy for single target dps and to get more attackspeed and damage reduction. You will be able to play On world tier 2 easy. In this guide the build has been tested an played with all aspects that re able to farm in dungeons and no i havent farmed any Lilith statues XD. So there are ways to improve for sure XD

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you gonna need 2 of them
2 handed mace expertise for additional Fury generation


the frenzy skill with attack speed and damage reduction
good old whirlwind spin to win skill 😛
dont forget these shouts XD put in more points if you want.
good old war cry is a must!
using Call of the Ancients really high dps, can switch to Berserker if you want for sure.

Your goal is to get so much Fury generation that you can keep up whirlwind for at least 4 seconds+ and then benefit from the Unbridled Rage note. Thats gonna be a huge dps boost but also need a ton of Fury.

will help with fury costs but need at least 5 keep that in mind. you will drop this ring once you finish the quests and Act 5.
this aspect will help a lot ot move into the Unbridled Rage note but its drop only.

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