Wolcen – The Bleeding Warpath ENG

Welcome guys. You will have a lot of fun with my newest build for Wolcen Lords of Mayhem, as this is the perfect combination of massive dps and speed. I havent seen any other build with such a massive clearing speed. The perfect build to farm experience points and items for the start of the online mode!

First we put all our attribute points into Ferocity for massive dps. If you want more health put some points into toughness.

We are using a one hander and a shield with high block chance to proc with a passive skill for massive damage boost.

For all other items you want max damage boost. This means crit, ferocity, + damage and +% Material Damage. Just equip the item check your paper dps and you will know waht you need. But be carefull we dont need attack speed! Also i recommend at least +50%Transfer Time between Willpower and Rage. You can get that with sockets on rings and amuelt.

I havent found any of these items but that is my next goal to maximize our damage we need Skill Rage and Willpower cost reduction on our items.

passive tree
For questions feel free to drop em wherever you want!

Author: StefTheDude

Full Time Online Marketer, Twitch Streamer

9 thoughts on “Wolcen – The Bleeding Warpath ENG”

  1. Great guide and fun to play, thank you.
    Unfortunately they have fixed the OP Bane of Tyranny passive.
    It now increases damage by 0.5 instead of 50.

    1. yes exactly they thought it is too OP XD I’ll update this tree asap. just on the way to upload another OP build “Bleeding Edge Master” you might check it out i think you will like it a lot 🙂

      1. Hahaha, I guess it was a tad OP and too good to be true really.
        I cannot wait to see your Bleeding Edge Master guide.
        Keep up the great work.
        I’m loving your guides. 🙂

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