Wolcen – The Bladestorm Warpath

Update: We have done a 142,5K Crit with this build! https://www.twitch.tv/stefthedude/clip/SwissJollyBadgerPipeHype

You are looking for a build with huge speed and a lot of dps? If your answer is yes then you are definitely on the right place. We’ve completely remastered the bladestorm build with a huge damageboost.

Huge DPS 2H weapon and helmet and chest with +X% damage per 100 unspend rage points

You can start playing this build as soon as you use a 2h weapon and for a huge damageboost we need the +X% damage for unspend rage points. This is what makes this build unique to all others because no one out there is really using these items. All items can be farmed easily in the greater rifts. We go for max dps in all slots of course. You can find the full video guide at the bottom of this website. Enjoy!

Passive Tree For Bladestorm Warpath

The skills you wanna use.

Kill masses with bladestorm
Our huge dps baby great to use for speedruns

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