servus wolcen community shef here! back again this time with the updated version on the turret build for the full release of wolcen!
the game came out 3 days ago and i have been grinding non stop so i wanted to show case the build i have been using to get to champion lvl 85

keep in mind that this build is not nearly finished since im missing a lot of gear and i gotta do way more testing on passives nodes!

so what this build does is we use turret as our main source of damage but i do not run autonomous sensors anymore i guess they renamed it now to flak launcher in the release version.
since we have way more modifiers then in the beta we got quite a few nodes that increases our damage drasticly
and we dont need to aim at bosses anymore because of the break mechanic
bosses now have a second bar underneath their health which depletes with damage and crowdcontrol like freezes and
stuns, once it reaches zero the boss gets stunned for a long period which gives our turrets enough time to usaly kill them
as another source of damage and to proc our passive which time cannot heal we use deathgazer railgun
this skill is just very satisfying to use and by the way this skill shoots faster if you move after attacking
if u want you could swap that for another buff like bulwark of dawn or consuming embers and go full on turret only
then as another buff we are using winters grasp which also deals crowdcontrol damage to bosses and freezes trash mobs
we can get this skill to 0 second cooldown with the new modifiers that add cooldown reduction
as a side note this skill does not have a cast animation when you run so you can cast it as often
as you have resource for in an instance
then as another damage increase we take mark of impurity
and our last skill is ather jump this is still the best mobility spell in the game

with the introduction out of the way lets go over the details in the items, skills, atributes and passive sections


most important stats to least important for damage

  • flat damage added to attacks
  • critical hit damage
  • % damage increases (x% damage, x% material damage, x% elemental)
  • crit chance

we can get that on our accessory and weapon

next thing we need is cost and transfere time reduction because of our passive frenzied blows. we get that from shoulders, gloves, helmet, chest and pants

other stats we can get on here for damage are

  • %damage increases
  • x+atributes best would be your primary but secondary is a decent boost

then we are using a catalyst to be able to cast our spells best in slot would be the unique mackefesten enneract

if you dont have it yet use any rare one but it needs to have as little -transfere time as possible since that actualy slows it down, also boots are not too important just look for movespeed and damage increases like on other armor


our main source of damage comes from rail gun and auto turret rail gun is used for clear and turret for single target

utility spells are mark of impurity winters grasp

and aether jump


full ferocity for the highest damage. when leveling tho i recommend half the points in toughness since story mode bosses hit hard


we start of in the soldier tree going down into assissin getting merciless lethality

going up 1 point into scholar and to the left into praetorian making our way into exorcist grabing branded burst and exorcist

further down from the preatorian into time weaver for which time cannot heal

starting the second part to the right in the sentinel to get to warmonger with fest for the crows and manic slaughter

continuing from the one point in scholar going up into warlock getting residual energy then to the right in ranger grabing save from afar

and then at the very end finishing off with frenzied blows in child of fury

and maximum resource in the warlock next to residual energy

and thats it for this guide!

hope you like it there is also a video of this build on youtbe leave me a like there if u appreciate the time and effort i put into this!

12 thoughts on “WOLCEN PATCH 1.0 TURRET BUILD”

  1. hello,your build looks interesting but i just wanna use mainly just turrets i really dont wanna use rail gun. also i seem to have problems with keep my rage at max for when i do use my turrets i seem to run out of rage. i was using shout with dagger for that problem but even then while i was waiting on cd of shout i still didn’t have enough rage. any suggestions?

  2. Hi ! Really nice build !
    Question : to get Time Weaver you grap the “+15% aether dmg” nodes.
    Is it really better than going the dodge-force field route ?

    Anyway i’m level 31 and enjoying the build so far !

  3. I’m probably wrong about some of this, but for the sake of discussion…

    Time Weaver section, why take the aether damage nodes since we don’t do aether damage (or do we)? Why not take the force shield nodes instead to get to “Which Time cannot heal”?

    Warmonger section, why go through the melee weapon damage nodes? We don’t use a melee weapon, so why not take “Strike Like Lightning” instead? I also saves a skillpoint.

    Merciless lethality on Assasin tree: It doesn’t seem useful. If you hover over the autoturret and railgun skills, the crit dmg seems locked based on the skill nodes you select.

    Blessed silver: seems useless, though maybe it’s better than nothing. Since casting railgun takes the points away, you essentially only ever get a 10% dmg increase, but only for some shots. The node where you get a point based on crits doesn’t seem to work with turrets or the railgun skill, at least I can’t see it working when I play.

  4. Hey Shef, my winters grasp is fully leveled, but the cooldown is still there, is there any way to reduce it further?

  5. for people who ask about aether damage nodes :
    1 = aether jump will deal some aether damage
    2 = warlock node, “residual energy” deals the same type of damage of last used skill and that’s the main source of different types of damage. That means the gameplay of this build is : using a skill with some type of damag, then cast turret that deals the same type of damage.
    Turrets will deal whatever type of last skill used, and that’s what makes this build more powerful.
    I think burn ailement and some other type does not apply (it was mentionned in the beta build video).
    Also best type of damage was Sacred damage because it makes the mobs take more damage.
    So anyway, the Aether damage nodes are the best option.

    1. Allright that indeed would explain the Aether dmg nodes, thanks !

      What about the 2 melee dmg nodes in Warmonger instead of just 1 node with MS ? Might be a little improvement 🙂

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