servus wolcen community! shef here! i finaly finished my mage build sorry for the long wait but im also working a full time job
i stream over on twitch and also the community web page takes quite some time to update so i got my handsfull
but yeah it is finaly here i did try crit damage first but i could not make it work so i swapped over to ailments
and as u can see in the footage it can clear lvl 120 easely
i first wanna talk about ailments since those are the very fundementals of this build
i have done an advanced guide on this in the beta which still aplies to the release version but to briefly summarize
we have either attack damage or spell damage and both of those have in total 9 damage types which are grouped in 3 sections
with physical, toxic and rend
with fire, frost and lightning
and occult
with aether, sacred and shadow

we can only aply the corresponding ailment of our highest damage
for example lets say we deal 300 toxic damage and 150 fire so this spell or attack would apply the poison ailment

with the passive node grievous afflictions we make it so our 2 highest damage types aply their ailment

so by manipulating our base damage on attacks and spells we apply every single ailment with the exception of freeze and stun
since stun is not in the game yet and freeze does not trigger immortal offering or any other buffs
then these damage types have only a chance to apply their ailment depending on our ailment chance score
once we proc that we apply one stack of the ailment where we can add more stacks with gear and passives
and then we can multiplie those stacks by 2 with the 3 passive nodes in the cabalist
so if we have +2 stacks on gear we would apply 6 stacks in total per proc

with that out of the way let me explain which skills aply what ailment

avenger auto turret applies poison and bleed since we get added toxic and rend damage to attacks on gear
then all of our spells aply statis because we only focus around aether damage added to spells which makes it our
second highest damage type
then we use the convertion on anomaly to deal lightning damage which applys shock
tear of etheriel converted to fire to apply burn
and arctic spear into sacred to apply weakness

the trial belt triggers mark of impurity on anything we hit which applies curse because of the modifier accursed blade

and the last 2 spells are for utility
bulwark of dawn gives us a damage buff and health regen to negate fatal pacts damage
and the last skill aether jump is for mobility

with the introduction out of the way lets talk details in the items, skills, atributes and passive sections



we have to use a dagger or pistol to be able to cast turret

the most important thing is toxic and rend damage added to attacks
this needs to be higher then 25% of our total attack damage since immortal offering
gives us additional damage of the corrisponding ailments damage type which would mess up our ailments that we want to apply

then once we have that sorted other affixes we are looking for from highest to least priority
%ailment damage increases
% elemental or material damage
and flat ailment chance score


a catalyst
with flat aether damage added to spells
percent ailment damage
and flat ailment chance score

other usefull stats are

%spell life leech and cast speed


rings and amulet

with the most important affix ailment stacks inflicted
this is a sarisel affix obtained by luring untained in expeditions if u need information on that watch my beginner guide
it can now also be obtained by socketing a genesis stone and using a reagent on it

then we also want to avoid other flat damage types added to spells
or if you happen to roll other good stats on it add more aether damage on other gear to make it your second highest damage type

other affixes we are looking for are
%Damage increases, %resistance score and % ailment chance score


we are using the unique trial

it automaticly aplies mark of impurity on anything we hit

if you dont have this unique grab a normal belt with same stats as the other accesories
and swap bulwark of dawn for mark and aply it yourself


we are looking for the item category heavy
because resistances combo with our passives

the most important affix is generic % damage increase
after that material

then other affixes we want are
flat wisdom
flat all res score
then material is decent since the passive scales with physical resistance
and last percent cost reduction


heavy catergory again

with our highest priority on cooldown reduction since our spells have a fairly high one

other things we are looking for on here are
flat all res or material res score
flat status ailment chance
% transfere time reduction
and flat health


with % damage and % movespeed

  • GEMS

we are looking for Tier one offensive slots with either emerald or ruby depending on what damage type u lack on attacks

if you happen to roll tier 2 offensive we could make use of that by using ambers for added aether damage to spells

and in tier 3 we could use topaz for increased burn damage

on defesnive we want tier 3 for all res from alexandrite however the other 2 tiers would give us still the passive node
damage increases with copperstones

and then last on support we are looking for tier 3 with amethysts for transfere time reduciton
if you roll other sockets or have enough on gear allready use topaz for more fire damage or leech


  • “avenger” autoturret

with the most important modifiers flak launcher, twin repeater and balistics

others we use are kinetic, automated, and sleepless

keep in mind that you dont have to use turret any other attack skill is viable
other attack skills i enjoyed using are bleeding edge, railgun and wailing arrows

  • then anomaly the spell

with which we apply shock through the modifier echo wave pattern
the other modifier rending of matter basicly halves the cooldown since we can cast it a second time
and then echoes for utility and auspicious for damage

  • next spell is tear of ehteliel

which aplies burn through the mod scorned by fire
mandetory modifier is stalactite rain which makes the spell hit more often
and the last few points are spend on meteor and climactic for cooldown
and dizzying for damage

  • next spell is arctic spear

converted into sacred for the weakness stack with beauty of hope
and boon and ominous for utility

if u dont have the unique belt the trial swap this out for mark for less damage and more survivabilty by keeping bulwark

  • bulwark with these modiefiers

most important one is divine so it always stays ontop of us

and generative and everlasting to have 100% uptime

there is a modifier that makes this skill deal sacred damage but it wont aply weakness since its not our highest damage type

if u dont have the unique belt swap this for mark of impurity

  • and last skill aether jump

the best movement spell in the game with march of the time devourers escape artist
and hypocosmic for fast traveling around maps

  • and then you also want to level up mark

since the modifiers still work even when applied with the belt
this is where we get our curse stacks from with the modifier accursed blade
and the others all increase our damage dealt and ailment chance


i put points into wisdowm untill i reach 30% ailment chance
since i dont have perfect gear and only aply 8 stacks per proc
if you have at least plus 4 stacks on gear i recommend going down to 10% that is more then enough if you aply almost
all stacks in 2 procs since our spells hit very often
and then the rest of the points all into toughness


this is the finalized tree

keep in mind that you can turn the wheels on the left side so from the middle to the south the first ring is soldier
second with ranger and warlock
and the third with arms maester and white arrow
critical nodes are which time cannot heal this basicly doubles our damage since it works with ailments
ancient fervour for ailment chance and damage
fatal pact for damage aswell this applies all ailments to ourselves that is the reason we go for bulwark to negat that
salvatory in the endgame for more defense
and every single node in the cabalist because they all work with ailments
with the exception primordial insights this node is still buged and once its fixed this build will become even
more powerfull

and thats it for this guide hope you enjoy the build
leave me a like on youtube if you apreciate the wolcen content and if u want to go the extra mile chuck me a few bucks on paetreon
for all the hard work time and effort i put into this! as usal im burning the midnight fuel again cuz im also working
a full time job and dont really have much time anyways


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