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zzzz up guys. Yes we areback droppen some new content for the new path an hell yeah it is great. If you havent played recently do yourself a favour and start Wolcen ASAP.

Today we are going to dive inte the patched new Necromanccer Build. The Skills got an huge push what was really needed. Hell this build is somuch fun and you can kill an 187 boss in 30-70 seconds without the belt The Trial!!!

For the Skillpoint put everything into TOUGHNESS we need a decent amount of health for this build!

For the gear you want X-X Damage added to Spells, +% Spell Damage, +% Material Damage, +XX Toughness. If you have put in your Feast of Cankers Shoulders and The Trial Belt for an insane boost. Also dont forget to use a Heavy chest and a heavy helmet for double resistances!

heres a short preview how your gearshould look like
a decent weapon will help to get a decent amount of damage output but you can use a low weapona s well teh output of the summons will be insane just test it XD
heres the OP Skilltree for our Necromancer build for wolcen
To maximize our single target damage we use the skill feeding swarm 3X will result in 9 zombies and 2 times Livor Mortis.
plageburst will be used for AOE damage and will be switched our to Livor Mortis for the bossfight!

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