Wolcen – Hunter Build Gunslinger Turret Champion

Have you ever played Diablo 3 Demon hunter the turret build? This is a simular build and you gonna love it as we have added the Gunslinger skill to this baby.

We’ve put a lot of time and effort into putting this build together and hell yeah this one is a real banger! To start this build you need a one hand pistol and a catalyst.

Go for 3 Sockets and as much damage as possible- Catalyst +19%attacks damage boost best in slot atm

The stats on your gear should be focused on getting as much damage as possible. Means helmet and chest +X% damage for unspend rage points, rings need attacks gain +% damage from the lasst spell cast, crit, main stat… For the rest we just go for Material damage main stats or crit stuff. Just check out the video for details at the bottom.

Passives tree #1 for more ranged damage
Passives Tree #2 for more overal damage
Turret one of the two main stats to make damage. always try to keep 2 active
2nd damage skill for this build, this combines to make this build so much fun to play and deal a lot of damage in a short period of time
we are using this for a damage buff and you can deal damage as well with this spell
winters grasp to freeze your enemies and for a damage buff
jump jump jump around 😛

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