Wolcen Build – The Turretsniper ENG

Ok Guys i’ve worked the whole week on this build and I really felt in love with this one. For those who have played the beta yeah turrets have been nerved but we are able to bring em back – hell yeah turrets are back!

First we need a pistol with huge dps on it. Use the highest you gotand we need a catalyst. i recommend Macksfesten for the additional attack damage gain.

Your attributes should be spend into Ferocity to gain up to 40%+ crit and out the rest into thoughness. Your gear shoul be focused on heavy gear with high all res. try to get +% damage, +% Material Damage, skill rage and willpower decrease and cooldown (min 100%) Gems in your heavy slots sould also be +res all. For your rings and amu you want crit +damage and Material damage. if you can get rings with attacks gain XX% and pierce this is a huge bonus. Gems in your amu and rings should be transfer time, should be also at 100% +.

Author: StefTheDude

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