servus wolcen community shef here!

back at it again this time with the update on the turret build! for patch 1.0.11

first of all shout outs to my fellow wolcen content creators stefthedude and zerosorc they inspired me to duplicate turrets i have never played around with this system untill now
and yeah it works very well with the turret skill since it has a short cooldown and the duration is very long
they also dont share the turret limit they only share the cooldown which makes this the perfect skill for duplication
with that said i havent found any other uses for duplicating skills so far but more testing to be done in the future
this build is probably the most tanky out of all that ive done so far since we are using a shield
however this means we need a sarisel affix on either weapon or shield which is not hard to get but also not easy either
you can also go with a catalyst to avoid crafting al together or you can use a two hander for even more damage


this is the finalist tree!

keep in mind that you can turn the wheels on the left side so please aligne the rings like i have them!

from the middle to the south in the first ring we got the sentinel

second ring is warmonger and ranger

and in the third ring we got siegebreaker and alastor

there are a lot of passive nodes doing something completly different then stated and there are a few ones not working at all
if you havent read my advanced guide i recommend reading that one first


  • our main damage skill is avanger autoturret

duplicated 3 times to duplicate skills you have to first unlock the option in the building enearct laboratory

the most important modifiers are twin repeater and ballistic reinforcements
thos give us the highest damage increase

then sleeples sentry and automated ammuntion for increased uptime

and the last modifiers are optional you could go with autonomous sensors to not worry about aiming the turrets
or you could take carnial focus
and unstable engine
for higher damage but you then need to position your turrets correctly

  • then we are using flight of gaavanir

to buff our damage with inspiring throw
buff our movement speed with drums
and some rage gain with howl of battle

  • our movement skill is aether jump

with time devoureres to remove the cooldown also triggering residual energy with spirits of the void giving us additional aether damage to aply stasis

  • and the last skill is mark of impurity

we are not using the trial belt since its more damage if we aply it ourselves because the flat damage we get from a normal belt is more important


first of all i wanna talk about all the different options we have gearing wise since this build is very versitile

we can get the sarisel affix able to cast a spell on either a dagger/pistol or shield

preferebly with aether jump, anomaly, infinity blades or lightbringer

since these spells would give us additional aether damage

however if we have enough flat aether damage to attacks we could make any spell work

keep in mind tho that we are getting additional damage from beacon for the lost, immortal offering and residual energy so
quite a few calculations need to be done there

then the next option we have is veiled eclipse it alows us to cast shadow spells

and the third option we have is using a catalyst
this is the easiest out of all the options especialy when leveling you can always get a catalyst
if you take this rout drop all block chance and effiency for all res score


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