Wolcen – The Bleeding Thunderstriker ENG

UPDATE: !! THIS WAS A BETA BUILD HERE THE NEW VERSION : https://wasted666.com/wolcen-the-bleeding-warpath-eng/

Zup guys. In this Guide im going to show you a perfect balanced build for the videogame wolcen lords of mayhem. Its the perfect mix of damage and toughness. I would say this is hardcore ready and you’ll be able to reach the Champion difficulty very easy! Enjoy!

Ok time to jump right into the stuff you need for this build. For this build you need the check Smile of the Searing Song, this item converts your shield into health and we need a ton of health in the difficulty champion. Feel free to check out the other items in the screenshot below or just watch my video for the exact best stats in slot.

For the attributes we need a decent chance to proc ailment stacks put a few points up to max 200 into Wisdom the rest into Ferocity.

For the passives we want to have a perfect mix of health/shield and damage. We will gain a lot of health as we are using the chest to get shield converted into health and we use Immortal Offering for a huge damageboost with ailment stacks!

Passive Tree For Wolcen Build The Bleeding Thunderstriker
for decent speed and proc ailent
damage skill N1
healthglobes and boost
boost damage and ailment stacks
damage skill N2 and damage boost