Wolcen – Melee Build | Bleeding Edge

servus shef here! back with yet another build this time melee!


i have not done this type of build yet because the missing range is a huge back draw for high champion levels! since any hits that we take will kill us instantly as usal. with that said champion 9 is only a personal prefrence
currently in the beta there is no reason other than challange to do higher leveles since magic find and item level do not matter.
we are using bleeding edge with the skill modifier unstoppable momentum and astral orbit to kite around enemies while still dealing damage and with the residual energy buff we also have a decent chance to freeze enemies which gives us more survivability.
the only spell that triggers residual energy that we use is winters grasp since you can only get the buff from spells that deal damage
so the other 2 spells aether jump and bulwark of dawn dont give us the proc so we will always have frost as our highest damage type which makes our attacks freeze.
keep in mind residual energy scales with attack damage not spell damage it takes the percent amount from your total damage and adds it on top and the type is depending on the spell.
last skill that we are using is mark of impurity which gives us a huge damage increase. i am not using the unique belt the trial
since we would lose out on flat damage from a normal belt which results in around 3k smaller crits
another option i played around with is bladestorm it has also decent mobility but the problem with that skill is you have to stop in between to recast winters grasp, bulwark and the mark so it feels kinda cluncky. and also the start up of bladestorm cost
a lot of rage which combined with the constant cost of bladestorm would make it so we would have a lot of white rage so we
wouldnt be able to make use of the highest damage increase in the game manic slaughter
but this build works with any attack skill so choose what you like since you dont need to toture yourself like me and do high champ
mobility is not as much of an issue.
with the introduction out of the way lets go over the details in the

items, skills, atributes, and passive sections


chest and helmet
as always with the manic slaughter affix on them i really hope they nerf this in the future it is absoluty busted and best in slot for any build since it scales attacks, spells and even ailment.
this is a sarisel affix which can be rolled on gear by luring untainted
you go to expedition add modifiers untill the red bar is full then you will have the option to lure untainted.
the rewards you get at the victory screen will have those on them and only those at the end screen not the items in the chest at the end.
other stats we are looking for on here are ferocity, transfere time and cooldown reduction
if you do low level veteran preferebly with all res and health aswell

another sarisel affix with the residual energy buff highest roll on that is 15%
other stats we are looking for from highest to least important are
3 flat damage rolls
crit damage affix aswell as item specific affix from the steel ring
and increased material damage

belt and amulet
same affixes as the rings
without the residual energy buff since you cannot roll that on here

main hand
a dagger so we are able to cast mark of impurity
with also 3 flat damage rolls
crit damage
and 3 sockets
and preferebly crit chance

off hand
the unique macksfesten enneract
for an additional residual energy buff

with material damage
and rage cost reduction

the unique argands hearth
these gloves are the rarest item in the game
so if you cannot drop them go with the same stats as shoulders

with ferocity
transfere time reduction
and cooldown
and preferebly one socket

ferocity and movespeed

offensive slot
anything with flat damage highest roll on that is 8-12

only important for low level grinding since on champ 9 we get one shot anyways
one sapphire for leech
the rest copperstone

silverstone since the 10 to all atributes is more damage then 20 to primary
if you lack transfere time reduction on gear go for cyanite


main skill is bleeding edge
with the modifiers unstoppable momentum
astral orbit
and wicked swing for utility
optionaly instead of astral orbit you could take revolving guilotine and self adjusting principle

next skill winters grasp
this spell is the only one that triggers residual energy
with the modifiers hail the ice queen which gives us a small additional damage buff
permafrost, ice pawn and rime world for utility

next skill bulwark of dawn
with divine omnipresence, aegis of hope and everlasting aurora for utility
and blade of truth gives us another damge buff which is more potent
then from winters grasp or the other buffs from thunderstrike fro example
but it does not trigger residual energy because it doesnt deal damage
which is good since we only want winters grasp to make our highest damge type frost to aply freeze

aether jump
with march of the time devourers, the puppeteer, and escape artist
important here is that we do not take spirits of the void
since this would make aether jump deal damage and trigger residual energy which we do not want

with that said you could combine this build with the turret build and make use of immortal offering but its already difficult to survive in high champ as a melee so im only going with frost

and last skill mark of impurity

since this is the highest damage buff we can get form skills you could make use of the unique belt the trial to apply it on any damage dealt but because it doesnt have flat damage on it its quite a huge damage loss modifiers are guilt by association to make it so we only need to cast it oncer per mob group minimal resistance to freeze more often target eliminated and big game hunting for increased damage


as always everything in ferocity since we want at least 30% crit chance
after that the score starts to fall off but since now our primary atribute
is ferocity we want to spent the last points here aswell because your primary gives you the
most bonus damage per point


we start off in the soldier grabing every crit damage node
making our way down into the assins tree grabing merciless lethality
up into the scholar into praetorian for the 2 crit damage nodes here and there

continuing in the scholar making our way up grabing increased max resource on the way
to warlock getting residual energy and more max resource

next part going straight in the sentinel to warmonger grabing manic slaughter and every melee weapon damage node on the way

and thats it for this guide, hope you enjoy tell me what think also if you apriciate the time and effort that goes into this leave me a like on my youtube video also subscribe there for future wolcen content and follow my stream!

also shouts to my fellow content creators stefthedude and zerosorc for making this website for easy access!