Wolcen Hack Instant Level 90 Boost

Zup Guys, Online Servers are almost 2 days offline now and yeah i think I’m not the only one that is very frustrated. In this short Guide i will show you how you can boost your Wolcen OFFLINE Character to Level 90 Instant.

This will allow you to play endgame in a couple minutes and prepair yourself for the online servers. This hack or better boost is allowed from Wolcenstudio so you will not have any problems as this is just for the offline versions. I just want to make clear that i will not use this to create my build that i will post online because you miss out on a lot of build knowledge.

You will not know what to skill first in the passive tree as you level up and i just want to feel the experience of making a level 90 char myself and not just with simply copy pasting one file.

STEP 1. Download These 2 Files

STEP 2. Copy Paste The File To the Folder: C:\user\saved games\wolcen\savegames

Once you have the file in this folder start the game and you will be able to choose your level 90 or 50 character.


If you are familiar with coding youcan download Notepad++ open the file and change levels, etc.

Going to make a video here for easy progress. See you ingame guys cant wait to get back into online mode XD