Last Epoch Build Druid KillerWerebear

zzzuup guys. You love Melee builds? Hell yeah the Killerwerebear for the game Last Epoch is on the way and will get you! 😀 We have combined high armor and protections in our build with a lot of dps that will boost you through the story right into the endgame. You will not need a lot of special items to get your Werebear to a 100% uptime and to a critical strike chance of 100%. Youre going to see just yellow numbers . XD We are dealing critical strikes up to 10k per swipe. Havent killed the 100 boss. Now its your time!


Stats in Werebearform unbuffed
Stats in Werebearform buffed
100% crit avoidance willhelp you a lot to survive


We need an idol w x% chance on hit to summon a thorn totem and a weapon with high crit chance. Spell damage is very important as you know this boosts our critical strike chance. The rest can be physical damage and dont forget your resistances 😛

We are using Woven Flesh armor for our glancing blow cap of 100%. dropps from the 55 boss
use polearm for melee crit, add resistances and all attributes

You can Check all the gear on Tunklab here.


Primalist Passives
Beastmaster passives
Our Druid Passive Tree


Enjoy this build guys, im gonna push this to a Low Live Version in the meantime for the Endgame. Build will Follow.

cheers guys :beer: and thanks for reading and watching