Wolcen – The Bladestorm Warpath

Update: We have done a 142,5K Crit with this build! https://www.twitch.tv/stefthedude/clip/SwissJollyBadgerPipeHype

You are looking for a build with huge speed and a lot of dps? If your answer is yes then you are definitely on the right place. We’ve completely remastered the bladestorm build with a huge damageboost.

Huge DPS 2H weapon and helmet and chest with +X% damage per 100 unspend rage points

You can start playing this build as soon as you use a 2h weapon and for a huge damageboost we need the +X% damage for unspend rage points. This is what makes this build unique to all others because no one out there is really using these items. All items can be farmed easily in the greater rifts. We go for max dps in all slots of course. You can find the full video guide at the bottom of this website. Enjoy!

Passive Tree For Bladestorm Warpath

The skills you wanna use.

Kill masses with bladestorm
Our huge dps baby great to use for speedruns

Wolcen – Hunter Build Gunslinger Turret Champion

Have you ever played Diablo 3 Demon hunter the turret build? This is a simular build and you gonna love it as we have added the Gunslinger skill to this baby.

We’ve put a lot of time and effort into putting this build together and hell yeah this one is a real banger! To start this build you need a one hand pistol and a catalyst.

Go for 3 Sockets and as much damage as possible- Catalyst +19%attacks damage boost best in slot atm

The stats on your gear should be focused on getting as much damage as possible. Means helmet and chest +X% damage for unspend rage points, rings need attacks gain +% damage from the lasst spell cast, crit, main stat… For the rest we just go for Material damage main stats or crit stuff. Just check out the video for details at the bottom.

Passives tree #1 for more ranged damage
Passives Tree #2 for more overal damage
Turret one of the two main stats to make damage. always try to keep 2 active
2nd damage skill for this build, this combines to make this build so much fun to play and deal a lot of damage in a short period of time
we are using this for a damage buff and you can deal damage as well with this spell
winters grasp to freeze your enemies and for a damage buff
jump jump jump around 😛

Wolcen – 2 Hand TurretGod Build

The damage of this build is insane powerful. As Soon as you have this special weapon it will blow your mind. Yeah it make take a while but thats the difference between beginner and real gamer. Farming is the key.

The Weapon You Gonna Need

For this build you will need a 2h melee weapon with high dps and the turret perk on it. You can get it if you run fully upgraded rifts. This build has been made by one of my friends and you can find him here on Youtube. Put all your skillpoints into Ferocity. If you want you can put some into health but in higher rifts you will be anyway a one hit so its better to put em into damage.

For the euipement you need as much DMG as you can get. Crit chance, Crit dmg, Mainstat, Material Dmg, dont use attack speed as this stat is not scaling you your turrets.

Passive Tree For You To Model


Feel free to visit Zerosorc on Youtube or Twitch.

Watch live video from Zerosorc on www.twitch.tv

Wolcen – Power Leveling Max Beta Level 20 in 7 Minutes

Why reskilling all your attributes and passive skills of your main char if you can have a new one at max level 20 in 7 minutes? In this short video we are going to show you how fast you can level your second char in a group running rifts. Keep in mind you need to finsih the story to be able to get into these rifts 😛 Enjoy

Wolcen – The Ultimate Beginner Guide

If you have never played hack and slash games like Wolcen or you just want to know how the system of this game works this tutorial and beginner guide will help you to gain this knowledge fast. I’m going to show you in a couple minutes everything you need for a fast start. Have fun. Feel free to join our Discord.