Wolcen Build – Bleeding Edge Master ENG


UPDATE: Buildhas been updated to Version2 because of the nerv patch XD

Hey Guys, welcome to my newest Wolcen Build the Bleeding Edge Master 2.

We put All our attribute points into Toughness to survive in these higher difficulties. If you feel your ailment chance is to low you put in a few points there as well i would recommend a minimum of 20% chance.

You can use a 2 Hander or a 1 Hander and a shield. I personally prefeer the 1H as it feels a lot smother and better with more block chance. Also 5% Life Leech will help you a lot to survive as we are doing insane crits.

For the other gear you will need Gear with Rage and Willpower Cost reduction and Damage. Damage can be attribute points Crit, +% MAterial Damage, +% Damage or +Damage on attacks. In the rings and amulet you need the gems for Transfer time reduction and a few stats should be in your gear aim for 100%+, this will help you to spam bleding edge like crazy. If you have the Ring “Shadowcall” hes best in slot atm. If you have the Belt “The Trail” put it in there as this is a massive dps increase. Your rings and amulet should also aim for +2 ailment stacks applied!



Made a video for you guys how to proc more than2 ailment stacks for immortal offering. A lot had problems hope this helps

If you need a video here we go, feel free to drop me a like as this is a lot of work. Thanks to you and the whole community.