servus wolcen community shef here! back with another spicy build a mage/ranger hybrid

this is the best build for pushing endgame in patch 1.0.6

with the recent nerfes to bleeding edge with added cooldown of 10 seconds
and the damage reduction on the ailment modifier this skill basicly became unusable

but now there is a new kid on the block with ailment because it has not been nerfed yet and they even buffed it by
fixing the passive node primordial insight

with that said this is the most mechanicly intense build ive done so far

if you dont know how ailments work i recommend checking out my mage build and my advanced guide first
it also fairly difficult to gear for so if u want some with less specific affix requirements check out my turret build
with that out of the way lets go over the details in the passives, skills, items and attribute sections


  • Main Hand Pistol

+x Flat damage added to Attacks x3

% critical hit damage

% material

% ailment damage

  • Off Hand unique catalyst

The Mackfesten Enneract

attacks gain damage form last spell cast

if you dont have it go with a normal one

with % crit damage and % damage increases


  • Rings

attacks gain damage form last spell cast

+x Flat damage added to Attacks x3

% crit hit damage

% damage increases

  • Amulet

+2 ailment stacks applied

+x Flat damage added to Attacks x3

+% Critical Hit Damage

+% Damage increases

  • Belt

Sarisel Affix

+2 ailment stacks applied

+x Flat damage added to Attacks x3

+% Critical Hit Damage

+% Damage increases

if you have it use

  • Unique Belt The Trial

Apply Mark of Impurity on any Hit

(swap Mark of Impurity for Bulwark of Dawn)


  • Shoulders and Gloves

Bruiser > Heavy > Rouge/Sorcerer

+% Damage

+% Rage and Willpower Cost reduction

+x Health

+% Health

+x Ferocity>Wisdom/Toughness

  • Helmet and Chest

Heavy (very important for chest and helmet!)

+% Damage per 100 unspent Rage

+x All Res

+% All Res

+% Cooldown Reduction

+% Transfere Time Reduction

+x Ferocity>Wisdom/Toughness

  • Boots


+% Move Speed

+x Health

+% Health

+x Ferocity>Wisdom/Toughness


we are going full ferocity for the highes amount of bonus damage per point

if you dont have gear with wisdom make sure ur ailment chance is at least 10 percent

if you want to be tankier i recommend one third of the points into toughness


this is the finalist tree

keep in mind that you can turn the wheels on the left so align the tree like i did please
from the middle to the south in the first ring we have sentinel
second ring ranger and warlock
third ring exorcist and time weaver

critical nodes in this build are

residual energy in the warlock class
this gives us additional damage scaling if our total attack damage
so flat damage multiplied with all damage increases and then it takes 30% from that and adds it on top
and then all of that gets multiplied by crit damag

this is what makes our attack inflict every ailment by cycling through our spells

next important one is immortal offering
this again is also additional damage not a percent increase
when we kill an enemy for each 5 stacks of a different ailment on them we get 25% additional damage
the type of the added damage is from the corresponding ailment.


  • wailing arrows

we are using wailing arrows to proc all the ailments in our build
by just cycling through our skills the highest damage type on wailing arrows becomes that from the last spell cast
and it swaps it instantly without needing to recast the ability

we are using the modifier aching accuracy not because we want to charge it up but we can cancle the charge instantly which results in no cast animation

flames of envy converts the base damage into fire which means our second highest damage type is fire which applies burn

and the other modifiers are for damage

  • gunslingers brand

since single target damage is a huge problem with this build this attack adds a little bit more dps against bosses

order through chaos and endless throes are the most important
the others add more damage

  • anomaly

converted into lighting to trigger residual energy with that damage type1
and rending of matter to basicly half the cooldown

  • plagueburst

for toxic residual energy to apply poison

  • aether jump

with spirits of the void to deal aether damage
since we only get the residual energy buff from a spell that deals damage
it would not give us the buff if we remove this

  • bulwark of dawn

gives us sacred damage which applies weakness
same here again have to take this modifier other wise it wouldnt work

  • mark of impurity

and our last ailment curse comes from mark. the modifiers still apply even when triggered with the unique belt the trial

if you dont have the belt swap mark of impurity for bulwark of dawn and grab the modifier guilt by association


concept of the build was entirely done by me shef_roxy

you can find me on youtube and twitch

i hope you enjoy the build leave me a like on my youtube video and on wolcen universe if you do

also shout outs to my colleges stefthedude and zerosorc thanks for making this community page possible!

as always i see you in the next one!


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