servus wolcen community shef here! back at it again with the updated version of the mage build patch 1.0.7

i wanted to do a summoner build but i couldnt make it work after that i tried to go with the plague burst and feeding swarm
synergy but i ended up scraping it all together since i already swaped out most summons for spells and trying to fit in
feeding swarm just wasnt optimal but yeah thats the reason we are here now with a crit mage

we are focusing around stationary spells with high cooldowns adding in infinity blades to debuff enemies and buff ourselves

they also finaly fixed the energy shield now which opens up a lot more options

as you can see this build is clearing 187 easily the only thing we struggle with is killing the bosses since on that
level they got over 100 million health

that is the reason why we focus a lot on damage in the tree

but yeah lets go over the details in the passives, skills, items and atribute sections


keep in mind that you can turn the wheels on the left side so please aligne the tree like i have it

from the middle to the south in the first ring we have the sentinel
second ring ranger and warlock

and in the third ring duskglaive and plaguebringer

critical nodes in this build are beacon for the lost in the eos class
25% spell damage when above 50% force shield
this damage is calculated multiplicative which means it scales with our total damage so this is the highest damage increase we
got on the entire tree


  • infinty blades

this is for boss dps we try to weave it in between our other high cooldown spells
increasing our damage with material sinkhole and quantic memories
and refilling our willpower with timeline selection

  • tear of etheliel

this is our hardest hitting spell since it gets the most flat damage per level
critical modifier is stalactite rain to make it deal damage over time
the -50% damage is nothing since its not multiplicative so overall a massive damage increase

then we transforme it into fire with the modifier scorned to trigger ancient fervour
and the alst modifiers are for damage and cooldown reduction

  • anomaly

we have to take echoes and confluence to combo with our passive node that generates health globes
then we also want to convert it into lightning to trigger ancient fervour
also to apply shock for even more health globe generation
and temporal to have 100% uptime on the skill

  • solarfall

with the most important modifier sunrise to make it deal damage over time
then glare of judgement and devastation for more ticks to generate more healthglobes
and the other modifiers for damage

  • bullwark of dawn

with sacred grounds for even more damage ticks and haven of men boundles and house of rest for force shield regen
to stay above 50% for our passive node
and divine and everlasting for 100% uptime

  • and last spell is aether jump

for mobility with the modifiers
march, quantum and breath of time to cast it multiple times
hypocosmic for the range increase
and boost for even more mobility


as always the stats are posted from most important to least

  • main/off hand


+x Damage added to Spells

+% Critical Damage

+% Spell Critical Chance Score

+% Life Leech from Spell Damage

  • Rings/Amulet

+x Damage added to Spells x3

+% Critical Damage

+% Elemental>Occult Damage

+% Transfere Time decrease

+% Speel Casting Speed Score

  • Belt

Unique Belt

The Trial

Apply Mark of Impurity on any Hit

(all modifiers apply even from duplicated versions of mark of impurity)

  • Chest/Helmet


+x All Resistance Score
+% All Resistance Score

+% Cooldown decrease

+x Ferocity>Agility>Toughness/Wisdom

+% Damage

+% Transfere Time reduction

  • Shoulders/Gloves


+% Cost decrease

+x Ferocity

+% Damage

+x Force Shield
+% ForceShield

  • Pants


+% Cooldown decrease

+x Ferocity

+% Damage

+x Force Shield
+% ForceShield

  • Boots


+% Movement Speed

+x Ferocity

+% Damage

+x Force Shield
+% ForceShield


Offensive (II) <- Flat Damge added to Spells

Support (III) <- Amethyst (Transfere Time)
Support (II) <- Topaz (Damage)

Defensive(III) <- Emerald


as always i go full ferocity for the highest damage possible
if you lack force shield on gear grab toughness points untill 30k force shield

3 thoughts on “MAGE BUILD UPDATE”

  1. Hey bro,
    I fllowed the build but i just dont have enough damage even on 133 Master..

    I noticed that i dont generate the same bonus on the left side bar that you generate, i only generate 2 you have 5.

    Dunno what im doing wrong

  2. i followed the build and got the trial and i destroy every mob i see, i just need a little more force shield and i need to know how to continue my skill passive tree cos i’m near to finish the passives you gave, ty for that awesome damage build

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