Last Epoch Build Firebrand Flame Reave Spellblade

Want an OP Spellblade build with crits up to 150K+?! Hell yeah weve got you covered. This Last Epoch build has been created by our friend and community member LLAMA. We are using the power of Firebrand and Flame Reave to burn just everything! You can collect the rest of your enemies in an fucking ashtray! Also we get around 1-2K ward and easily tanking throught the story and push your build very fast right into the endgame!


Simply CLICK HERE to check the needed gear on tunklab. Enjoy


For idols you want to get everything that pushes your damage.

This is the one you want to look for extremely rare.


mage passive tree
spellblade passive tree


firebrand skill
flame reave skill
enchant weapon skill
mana strike skill

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