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Nodes that don’t work

  • Fatal Pact

only the damage over time buff works

  • Occult affliction

does not increase occult

  • Hungry Stalactite

no damage increase

  • minor Node behind Pugelist

does not double damage on fourth basic attack

  • Safe from afar

does not increase damage

Nodes that do something different

  • Virtouse stance

additional damage not increased sacred

  • which Time cannot Heal

cannot crit

  • Residual Energy

additional damage scaling with total attack damage

  • Omnitempest

only meteor works

  • Undertaker

additional Toxic damage (any ally benefits from globes)

  • walting smoke

glitches out armor cosmetics. does not increase damage

  • Beacon for the Lost

additional sacred damage not increased

  • Immortal Offering

additional Damage


affixes used in any of my builds

new Score Scaling

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