servus wolcen community shef here! back at it again with yet another build this time bleeding edge!
it is very powerfull and easy to gear for so it lets me grind endgame efficiently
im using frenzied blows, this is the most powerfull passive node in the entire game now so we have to use this no matter what
with that said i dont recommend picking it up early tho since the doubled rage cost will require some rage cost and transfere time reduction on gear first! more detail on what to spec into, when leveling in the passive section

then the other skills we are using are not my favorite i dont really like the melee weapon skills but with the new 2 hander
buffs in 1.0 we dont really have choice
at the very least this skills now have become usefull because of the new modifiers that we have now we can finaly get some damage buffs out of them first one is juggernaut it gives us some defense and stuns trash mobs
its a panic button you can press when ur on low health

souvereign shout gives us some defense aswell and movement speed which counter acts the debuff we got from one of our passives
im not a huge fan of the animation tho standing still to do that shout always felt very bad and it requires some thought
when u actualy buff urself since u dont want to lock yourself into that animation when a boss charges up an attack

then trackers reach is more of a filler to be honest it also has a long animation and doesnt give us any usefull buffs so i rarly use it with that said u could make use of the modifier arresting claw to aply stasis and combo it with which time cannot heal but to me personaly its not worth it
i would swap this out for winters grasp if i had the unique veiled eclipse
that would be a massive damage boost since then we could get residual energy on passives and rings
i already managed to roll one residual energy on my ring its fairly difficult to get so this is for min maxing in the ultra endgame

and the last 2 skills we are using are warpath and wings of ishmir those are for quick traveling from one end of the map to the other
they also buffed wings of ishmir now in the release version it gives us a decent damage buff

with the introduction out of the way lets go over the specifics in the items, skills, atributes and passive sections


  • mainhand

we are using a twohanded warhammer since those weapons can have the highest rolls. stats we are looking for from most important to least are
flat damage to attacks
crit damage
and % increases for either over all damage or material since bleeding edge only deals rend damage

  • rings

same again most imporant to least
flat damage to attacks
crit damage
%damage increases

when we have the unique pants veiled eclipse then we also want the residual energy affix on here
attacks gain damage from last spell cast

  • belt is a unique the trial

this applys mark of impurity automaticly
we would have more damage with a rare belt with damage to attacks and applying mark ourseleves
but because of the 2 hander this is not an option

  • shoulders and glovs

with rage cost reduction %damage increases and atributes preferebly ferocity

  • chest helmet and pants

most important is transfere time reduction
then %damage increases
and last atributes

  • boots

with +%movespeed
and atributes


we want 3 offensive tier 1 slots on weapon
with any gem that gives us flat damage to attacks

on chest helmet and pants we want
defensive tier 1 with alexandrite gems untill we reach 100% block chance
then we get tier 2 for more block effiency

and support sockets tier 3 with amethyst if you lack cost and transfere time reduction on gear
if not get support tier 2 with rubys for more damage


  • main damage skill is bleeding edge

this skill will feel very clunky to use untill you unlock the modifier unstoppable momentum because there is an animtion on catching the blade aswell without it and it locks you into place for quite a while

  • juggernaut

this is our panic button if we should ger low on health

  • next skill is souvereign shout

like i said im not a huge fan of the long animation on this but it has some decent buffs now in version 1.0

  • next trackers reach

if u want the modifier arresting to combo it with the passive which time cannot heal

swap out trackers reach for winters grasp with these modifiers if u have veiled eclipse

  • warpath

with the most important modifier forge a path and sprinting strides

  • and the last skill wings of ishmir


as always im going full ferocity for the highest damage gain
since each point in our primary atribute gives us the highest damage bonus per point
that is only personal prefrence so if u wanna sacrafice a little bit of damage for tankiness spec one third of your
points into toughness

when playing story mode i recommend half of the points in toughness since story mode bosses hit hard


this is the final tree

keep in mind that you can turn the wheels on the left
to the south in the first ring is soldier
in the second assassin and cabalist
and in the third arms maester and white arrow
if u have veiled eclipse take residual energy instead and get it as early as possible since its a massive damage increase

and thats it for this guide
im burning the mid night fuel yet again even tho i said i would take a day off today but i just cant help it
being a content creator was always my dream and i wanna work hard to earn it
in the last guide i said i would do a mage but im lacking gear for that so i made this build to farm quicker