servus wolcen community! shef here! today i wanted to give my thoughts and opinions on the announcment on whats to come for the full release thursday the 13th of february

content covered in this update will be the last 6 skills, new endgame and cosmetics!

official statement from wolcen studio https://wolcengame.com/forum/announcements/official-news/fashion-skills-and-endgame/


so we will have access to it after completing the story mode, with any character which means levling new chars after the first one will be fairly easy again because you can let a friend pull you through expeditions and the shared exp will level you quite fast the expeditions are going to be randomised dungeons again as in the beta but with additional maps
currently there are only 3 but how many we get in the end remains unkown

in addition to loot from expeditions we will now also be able to build constructions
in the city of stormfall, the main hub
the harder the challange the faster the projects complete
there is also a new mechanic called productivityif we have a look here at the first facility revealed

  • the stormfall palace

this will permanetly up the productivity which will speed up construction

the other facilitys will unlock more powerfull options

  • for example the second one is called stormfall institute

this will give us an aditional passive point
so my guess will be that we are going to get one passive point every second level up to 80
and the last few points will be unlocked here. however there is no information on what the cap on passive points will be

  • the west side of this building will unlock the 5th skill slot

this is not counting the right mouse button
which means we will have 6 skill slots in total on release

  • third is the enneract laboratory

enneracts are the quote “skill books” of this game which you unlock skills with this building will give us the option to duplicate skills which is nice for farming primordial affinity
that is the purple currency underneath the gold which can only be obtained by selling enneracts
on the first page of the merchant called demetra
we maybe need that because this currency is also used to upgrade buildings
with that said the buildings teased so far do not have a high cost tho
i remember farming a full inventory of enneracts in the beta and never needing more than that

  • on to the last building the transmutation forge

this will unlock the option transmute items which enables us to reroll it into another one
the text states throw any unused equipment into the forge in the hopes of getting something usefull
so the out come will be random not very exciting for me personaly but at the very least this will
give us a use for gold and affinity in the endgame
we will also be able to upgrade this forge so there could be the posibilty of it becoming better
or more specific in what it does later


  • the first one is evasion

as you can see here its a movement skill very important tho
it goes into the opposite direction then your cursor
it also drops a projectile which deals damage and slows enemies

its an attack skill usable with daggers pistols or bows

tags are attack, projectile and 2 new ones rogue and movement
the last 2 are intersting because in the last update we saw a modifier
on infity blades that lets you cast warrior skills for a few seconds
so maybe there is something that works together with those new tags

rage cost is 54 which is nothing
but the cooldown of 6 seconds is fairly high
and the 3 modifiers that have been revealed do not remove that
because of that aether jump will still be my favorite but the other 13 modifiers might change that

talking of which the first modifier is called enshrouded distance
knocks back enemies
that one is meh if i already have an escape then i dont need knock back
so if i had to guess the points are spent better on others

next is unseen autonomy
breaks any crowd control effects
currently in the beta if anything hits you ur dead anyways but i hope that will change on release so this might be usefull since there are some very long stuns

last modifier swaddling smoke
begins force shield regen if an enemy is hit by the projectile
force shield is another thing that probably become usefull on release since like i said enemies dont one shot us

  • on to the next skill called juggernaut

summon a shield that absorbs a certain amount of damage
it explodes once depleded or with increased damage on re-cast

its an attack usable with melee weapons

and the tag states attack and warrior
another skill that would combo with the modifier on infinty blades
rage cost 136 is fair
but the cooldown tho 25 seconds holy moses
this has the highest cooldown in the game
and again no modifiers revealed that decrease it
currently by just looking at the text i would never sacrafice a slot for this
but a ton is going to change so who knows

first modifier crushing wall
damages enemies attacking your shield scaling with weapon damage
if that really only takes the stats of your weapon then it probably wouldnt do much
but yeah this is very bare bones and a lot of testing will be done on my part

next one perpetual osmosis
force shield is added to the maximum absorption
can already see a synergy there with evasion
cast this and evade to start energy shield regen

and the final modifier equalizor
can be cast onto allies
group play is pretty much the only thing i havent done a lot of in the beta
if this will be usefull remains to be seen

  • next skill is called livor mortis

its a summoner skill the third one revealed so far
it raises a poison golem which has a cleave attack
it can also be used as a tank because on recast it taunts enemies

its a spell usable with staves or catalysts

tags are spell and summon
willpower cost 76
and cooldown 1.5
just like all the others
but aditionaly this skill will give us willpower regen
so maybe this will be our resource generator for the summoner class

first modifier foul guardian
makes it generate more threat and increases health

next one generational grief
redirects damage that we take to our golem
that will help with survivability

and the last one thundercracking punisher
converts basic toxic damage into lightning
and it becomes a mage that can cast a shield
the interesting thing is on the bottom it says disable ravenous reach
theres no modifier called like that so they probably done some testing and found a busted
combination so they probbably nerfed something already with that

  • next skill parasite

channel a ray that leaches health untill they become possessed after that restore target to full health again
its a spell
and the tags state summon
so i guess we take control over the enemey once its possessed but it doesnt state that you could control
it where it goes with a recast so how usefull this skill will be depends on how good the AI is
willpower per second 58 should be alright
and cooldown 0.5 which seems odd maybe that determins the ticks on the leech

first mod leaking life
leeches forceshield instead of health

next one on shoulders of giants
possessed monster becomse stronger
so dps increase

and last one house of leeches
heals an ally but with your own health
huh i dont know how i should feel about that
there have been a ton of skills and modifiers that work on allies so they are really pushing
group content i wonder how it will turn out in endgame
i did not enjoy the support barb in diablo 3 but maybe this will make actual healers viable
which sounds more fun to me

  • on to the next called plagueburst

creates an area of effect which explodes enemies or allies on death
dealing poison damage
its a spell
willpower cost 97 decent
cooldown 10 seconds tho
i dont know how long this lasts and if it is stationary otherwise this might be an issue
but it does combo well with feeding swarm since you can let them charge and explode at target location on recast
so if this staacks it would be a nice combo

modifiers are expendable meat
summond allies explode upon cast
like i said we could already let our feeding swarm zombies explode so im not sure how usefull this will be

next noxious smog
leaves a poison cloud after explosions

and the final one vitiation
increases explosion damage per ailment stack
that one looks decent for clearing depending on scaling on this thing per stack
its very easy to get tons of stacks from different ailments on enemies

  • next skill solarfall

channel a damaging area of effect from the sky that follows the cursor
its another spell

willpower cost per second 145 seems extreme
cooldown 0.5 probably referes to damage ticks

first mod sunrise
makes the area static and can be recast to change location
i wonder if it still requires you to stand still then to channel it
if it frees you up to do other stuff that would be an amazing skill

next plasmic eruption
creates a nova when critting
woooow awesome node, but it also has a cooldown so if this will be good depends on the time and if cooldown
reduction affects it also we dont know if it just deals base damage or if its affected by other spell damage

and the last modifier of the last skill
leaves a damaging trail

ok thats it with the skill section

  • lets move on to the last thing i wanna talk about cosmetics

we will get 140 dyes which we can use to colour our equipment
in the different channels looks like there will be 8 slots

we can also change the base skin which is unlocked by finding that specific item

there is a restriction on weapon type but not on armor
so any armor can have any skin on it

personally i dont really care about this i usaly go diablo 2 style
since back then the most powerfull items looked like beginner gear but the stats on it were very powerfull

and thats it for this weeks patch note run down thx for reading!