servus wolcen community shef here! back at it again this time with the update on the bleeding edge build with the patch version 1.0.8

this build is focused around consistent dps that is the reason why we are dropping ailments
currently the most powerfull passive node in the game is immortal offering this passive alone can give us up to
175% additional damage with emphatsis on the “additional” more on that in the passive section

the only problem that this node has its extremly inconsistent not only do you need minions to trigger it but also getting the stacks of every ailment is quite a hassel

so with that in mind we try to get other additional damage which is easier to proc

as a result this build has slower clear but way faster and smoother boss killing potential

it takes us around 30 seconds to kill lvl 187 bosses

so yeah lets go over the details in the passive, skills, items and atribute sections.


this is the finaliste tree

keep in mind that you can turn the wheels on the left side
so align the rings like i have then

from the middle to the south in the first ring we have the sentinel second ring warmonger and ranger
and in the 3d one siegebreaker and alastor

this character is only level 81 so with the final 9 points i would get residual energy

critical nodes in this build are as mentioned residual energy
and beacon for the lost
these are additional damage increases


as always stats are posted from most to least important

  • main/off hand


+% Material Damage

+x Physical to Attacks

+x Rend/Toxic Damage to Attacks

+% Critical Damage

+% Life Leech

+x Attack Speed Score

  • accesoires

Omnistar Amulet
Steel Rings

+% Material Damage

+% Critical Damage

+% Transfer Time decrease

+x Damage added to Attacks

if we have the unique pants then we also want the sarsisel affix attacks gain damage from the last spell cast on rings
this scales with total attack damage and gives us additional damage so it would be a massive damage boost

  • Unique Belt

The Trial

Apply Mark of Impurty on any Hit

(duplicate mark and choose every modifier
the trial belt will aply all)

  • Helmet/Chest

Heavy (must)

+x All Resistance Score
+&All Resistance Score

+% Transfere Time decrease

+x Ferocity

+% Material Damage

  • Pants


+% Transfere Time decrease

+x Ferocity

+% Material Damage

+x Health

+% Health

  • Boots


+% Movement Speed

+x Ferocity

+% Material Damage

+x Health

+% Health

  • Shoulders/Gloves


+% Rage and Willpower Cost decrease

+x Ferocity

+% Material Damage

+x Health

+% Health


Offensive (I) <- Ruby

Defensive(I) <- Alexandrite

Support (III) <- Amethyst (Transfere Time)
Support (II) <- Ruby (Damage)


  • Bleeding edge

wolcen studio absolutly destroyed the modiefier momentum they added cost, a cooldown and reduction in weapon damage

this is what made this skill extremly strong in the past since u could cast it once and it would deal damage 9 times

but we have another modifier that does almost the same thing with
astral orbit

this will make it so it deals damage 4 times and that is one of the reasons why its so much better then any other melee

because first of all bleeding edge has the highest weapon damage since it gains 1.5% per level
compared to slayers flurry with 0.3%

  • Juggernaut

this is the skill with which we manualy empty our force shield
with the modifier perpetual osmosis

another important modifier is cold steel to reduce the cooldown

  • Flight of gaavanir

with inspiring throw for a damage buff

howl of battle for rage generation

drums for a movespeed buff

  • Sovereign Shout

this is just a filler i dont like this skill whatsoever it just has way to long of an animation

we would swap this for winters grasp once we have the veiled eclipse

  • warpath

is our movement ability to quickly move from one end of the map to the other

with forge a path and sprinting

it also gives us a decent buff through vexilloid increasing our resistance
and mania and burning lifblood giving us rage

  • Wings of Ishmir

the last skill
again for movement and buffing ourselves

removing the cooldown on it through relentless and making it faster with lightspeed

damage buffs come from apparatus and crew


i recommend enough points into toughness untill we reach 50k health

after that everything into ferocity


this is currently my strongest build

next thing i want to do is revisit my advanced guide and recalculate the soft cap for all the scores since now we can get way higher scores

also i will share my knowledge of all the additional damage passives i know of so far

but yeah as always ill see you in the next one!

thx for reading!

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