servus wolcen community shef here!

back at it again this time with the update on the turret build! for patch 1.0.11

first of all shout outs to my fellow wolcen content creators stefthedude and zerosorc they inspired me to duplicate turrets i have never played around with this system untill now
and yeah it works very well with the turret skill since it has a short cooldown and the duration is very long
they also dont share the turret limit they only share the cooldown which makes this the perfect skill for duplication
with that said i havent found any other uses for duplicating skills so far but more testing to be done in the future
this build is probably the most tanky out of all that ive done so far since we are using a shield
however this means we need a sarisel affix on either weapon or shield which is not hard to get but also not easy either
you can also go with a catalyst to avoid crafting al together or you can use a two hander for even more damage


this is the finalist tree!

keep in mind that you can turn the wheels on the left side so please aligne the rings like i have them!

from the middle to the south in the first ring we got the sentinel

second ring is warmonger and ranger

and in the third ring we got siegebreaker and alastor

there are a lot of passive nodes doing something completly different then stated and there are a few ones not working at all
if you havent read my advanced guide i recommend reading that one first


  • our main damage skill is avanger autoturret

duplicated 3 times to duplicate skills you have to first unlock the option in the building enearct laboratory

the most important modifiers are twin repeater and ballistic reinforcements
thos give us the highest damage increase

then sleeples sentry and automated ammuntion for increased uptime

and the last modifiers are optional you could go with autonomous sensors to not worry about aiming the turrets
or you could take carnial focus
and unstable engine
for higher damage but you then need to position your turrets correctly

  • then we are using flight of gaavanir

to buff our damage with inspiring throw
buff our movement speed with drums
and some rage gain with howl of battle

  • our movement skill is aether jump

with time devoureres to remove the cooldown also triggering residual energy with spirits of the void giving us additional aether damage to aply stasis

  • and the last skill is mark of impurity

we are not using the trial belt since its more damage if we aply it ourselves because the flat damage we get from a normal belt is more important


first of all i wanna talk about all the different options we have gearing wise since this build is very versitile

we can get the sarisel affix able to cast a spell on either a dagger/pistol or shield

preferebly with aether jump, anomaly, infinity blades or lightbringer

since these spells would give us additional aether damage

however if we have enough flat aether damage to attacks we could make any spell work

keep in mind tho that we are getting additional damage from beacon for the lost, immortal offering and residual energy so
quite a few calculations need to be done there

then the next option we have is veiled eclipse it alows us to cast shadow spells

and the third option we have is using a catalyst
this is the easiest out of all the options especialy when leveling you can always get a catalyst
if you take this rout drop all block chance and effiency for all res score




  • Passives
  • Items
  • Score Scaling

Nodes that don’t work

  • Fatal Pact

only the damage over time buff works

  • Occult affliction

does not increase occult

  • Hungry Stalactite

no damage increase

  • minor Node behind Pugelist

does not double damage on fourth basic attack

  • Safe from afar

does not increase damage

Nodes that do something different

  • Virtouse stance

additional damage not increased sacred

  • which Time cannot Heal

cannot crit

  • Residual Energy

additional damage scaling with total attack damage

  • Omnitempest

only meteor works

  • Undertaker

additional Toxic damage (any ally benefits from globes)

  • walting smoke

glitches out armor cosmetics. does not increase damage

  • Beacon for the Lost

additional sacred damage not increased

  • Immortal Offering

additional Damage


affixes used in any of my builds

new Score Scaling




servus wolcen community shef here! back at it again this time with the update on the bleeding edge build with the patch version 1.0.8

this build is focused around consistent dps that is the reason why we are dropping ailments
currently the most powerfull passive node in the game is immortal offering this passive alone can give us up to
175% additional damage with emphatsis on the “additional” more on that in the passive section

the only problem that this node has its extremly inconsistent not only do you need minions to trigger it but also getting the stacks of every ailment is quite a hassel

so with that in mind we try to get other additional damage which is easier to proc

as a result this build has slower clear but way faster and smoother boss killing potential

it takes us around 30 seconds to kill lvl 187 bosses

so yeah lets go over the details in the passive, skills, items and atribute sections.


this is the finaliste tree

keep in mind that you can turn the wheels on the left side
so align the rings like i have then

from the middle to the south in the first ring we have the sentinel second ring warmonger and ranger
and in the 3d one siegebreaker and alastor

this character is only level 81 so with the final 9 points i would get residual energy

critical nodes in this build are as mentioned residual energy
and beacon for the lost
these are additional damage increases


as always stats are posted from most to least important

  • main/off hand


+% Material Damage

+x Physical to Attacks

+x Rend/Toxic Damage to Attacks

+% Critical Damage

+% Life Leech

+x Attack Speed Score

  • accesoires

Omnistar Amulet
Steel Rings

+% Material Damage

+% Critical Damage

+% Transfer Time decrease

+x Damage added to Attacks

if we have the unique pants then we also want the sarsisel affix attacks gain damage from the last spell cast on rings
this scales with total attack damage and gives us additional damage so it would be a massive damage boost

  • Unique Belt

The Trial

Apply Mark of Impurty on any Hit

(duplicate mark and choose every modifier
the trial belt will aply all)

  • Helmet/Chest

Heavy (must)

+x All Resistance Score
+&All Resistance Score

+% Transfere Time decrease

+x Ferocity

+% Material Damage

  • Pants


+% Transfere Time decrease

+x Ferocity

+% Material Damage

+x Health

+% Health

  • Boots


+% Movement Speed

+x Ferocity

+% Material Damage

+x Health

+% Health

  • Shoulders/Gloves


+% Rage and Willpower Cost decrease

+x Ferocity

+% Material Damage

+x Health

+% Health


Offensive (I) <- Ruby

Defensive(I) <- Alexandrite

Support (III) <- Amethyst (Transfere Time)
Support (II) <- Ruby (Damage)


  • Bleeding edge

wolcen studio absolutly destroyed the modiefier momentum they added cost, a cooldown and reduction in weapon damage

this is what made this skill extremly strong in the past since u could cast it once and it would deal damage 9 times

but we have another modifier that does almost the same thing with
astral orbit

this will make it so it deals damage 4 times and that is one of the reasons why its so much better then any other melee

because first of all bleeding edge has the highest weapon damage since it gains 1.5% per level
compared to slayers flurry with 0.3%

  • Juggernaut

this is the skill with which we manualy empty our force shield
with the modifier perpetual osmosis

another important modifier is cold steel to reduce the cooldown

  • Flight of gaavanir

with inspiring throw for a damage buff

howl of battle for rage generation

drums for a movespeed buff

  • Sovereign Shout

this is just a filler i dont like this skill whatsoever it just has way to long of an animation

we would swap this for winters grasp once we have the veiled eclipse

  • warpath

is our movement ability to quickly move from one end of the map to the other

with forge a path and sprinting

it also gives us a decent buff through vexilloid increasing our resistance
and mania and burning lifblood giving us rage

  • Wings of Ishmir

the last skill
again for movement and buffing ourselves

removing the cooldown on it through relentless and making it faster with lightspeed

damage buffs come from apparatus and crew


i recommend enough points into toughness untill we reach 50k health

after that everything into ferocity


this is currently my strongest build

next thing i want to do is revisit my advanced guide and recalculate the soft cap for all the scores since now we can get way higher scores

also i will share my knowledge of all the additional damage passives i know of so far

but yeah as always ill see you in the next one!

thx for reading!



servus wolcen community shef here! back at it again with the updated version of the mage build patch 1.0.7

i wanted to do a summoner build but i couldnt make it work after that i tried to go with the plague burst and feeding swarm
synergy but i ended up scraping it all together since i already swaped out most summons for spells and trying to fit in
feeding swarm just wasnt optimal but yeah thats the reason we are here now with a crit mage

we are focusing around stationary spells with high cooldowns adding in infinity blades to debuff enemies and buff ourselves

they also finaly fixed the energy shield now which opens up a lot more options

as you can see this build is clearing 187 easily the only thing we struggle with is killing the bosses since on that
level they got over 100 million health

that is the reason why we focus a lot on damage in the tree

but yeah lets go over the details in the passives, skills, items and atribute sections


keep in mind that you can turn the wheels on the left side so please aligne the tree like i have it

from the middle to the south in the first ring we have the sentinel
second ring ranger and warlock

and in the third ring duskglaive and plaguebringer

critical nodes in this build are beacon for the lost in the eos class
25% spell damage when above 50% force shield
this damage is calculated multiplicative which means it scales with our total damage so this is the highest damage increase we
got on the entire tree


  • infinty blades

this is for boss dps we try to weave it in between our other high cooldown spells
increasing our damage with material sinkhole and quantic memories
and refilling our willpower with timeline selection

  • tear of etheliel

this is our hardest hitting spell since it gets the most flat damage per level
critical modifier is stalactite rain to make it deal damage over time
the -50% damage is nothing since its not multiplicative so overall a massive damage increase

then we transforme it into fire with the modifier scorned to trigger ancient fervour
and the alst modifiers are for damage and cooldown reduction

  • anomaly

we have to take echoes and confluence to combo with our passive node that generates health globes
then we also want to convert it into lightning to trigger ancient fervour
also to apply shock for even more health globe generation
and temporal to have 100% uptime on the skill

  • solarfall

with the most important modifier sunrise to make it deal damage over time
then glare of judgement and devastation for more ticks to generate more healthglobes
and the other modifiers for damage

  • bullwark of dawn

with sacred grounds for even more damage ticks and haven of men boundles and house of rest for force shield regen
to stay above 50% for our passive node
and divine and everlasting for 100% uptime

  • and last spell is aether jump

for mobility with the modifiers
march, quantum and breath of time to cast it multiple times
hypocosmic for the range increase
and boost for even more mobility


as always the stats are posted from most important to least

  • main/off hand


+x Damage added to Spells

+% Critical Damage

+% Spell Critical Chance Score

+% Life Leech from Spell Damage

  • Rings/Amulet

+x Damage added to Spells x3

+% Critical Damage

+% Elemental>Occult Damage

+% Transfere Time decrease

+% Speel Casting Speed Score

  • Belt

Unique Belt

The Trial

Apply Mark of Impurity on any Hit

(all modifiers apply even from duplicated versions of mark of impurity)

  • Chest/Helmet


+x All Resistance Score
+% All Resistance Score

+% Cooldown decrease

+x Ferocity>Agility>Toughness/Wisdom

+% Damage

+% Transfere Time reduction

  • Shoulders/Gloves


+% Cost decrease

+x Ferocity

+% Damage

+x Force Shield
+% ForceShield

  • Pants


+% Cooldown decrease

+x Ferocity

+% Damage

+x Force Shield
+% ForceShield

  • Boots


+% Movement Speed

+x Ferocity

+% Damage

+x Force Shield
+% ForceShield


Offensive (II) <- Flat Damge added to Spells

Support (III) <- Amethyst (Transfere Time)
Support (II) <- Topaz (Damage)

Defensive(III) <- Emerald


as always i go full ferocity for the highest damage possible
if you lack force shield on gear grab toughness points untill 30k force shield



servus wolcen community shef here! back with another spicy build a mage/ranger hybrid

this is the best build for pushing endgame in patch 1.0.6

with the recent nerfes to bleeding edge with added cooldown of 10 seconds
and the damage reduction on the ailment modifier this skill basicly became unusable

but now there is a new kid on the block with ailment because it has not been nerfed yet and they even buffed it by
fixing the passive node primordial insight

with that said this is the most mechanicly intense build ive done so far

if you dont know how ailments work i recommend checking out my mage build and my advanced guide first
it also fairly difficult to gear for so if u want some with less specific affix requirements check out my turret build
with that out of the way lets go over the details in the passives, skills, items and attribute sections


  • Main Hand Pistol

+x Flat damage added to Attacks x3

% critical hit damage

% material

% ailment damage

  • Off Hand unique catalyst

The Mackfesten Enneract

attacks gain damage form last spell cast

if you dont have it go with a normal one

with % crit damage and % damage increases


  • Rings

attacks gain damage form last spell cast

+x Flat damage added to Attacks x3

% crit hit damage

% damage increases

  • Amulet

+2 ailment stacks applied

+x Flat damage added to Attacks x3

+% Critical Hit Damage

+% Damage increases

  • Belt

Sarisel Affix

+2 ailment stacks applied

+x Flat damage added to Attacks x3

+% Critical Hit Damage

+% Damage increases

if you have it use

  • Unique Belt The Trial

Apply Mark of Impurity on any Hit

(swap Mark of Impurity for Bulwark of Dawn)


  • Shoulders and Gloves

Bruiser > Heavy > Rouge/Sorcerer

+% Damage

+% Rage and Willpower Cost reduction

+x Health

+% Health

+x Ferocity>Wisdom/Toughness

  • Helmet and Chest

Heavy (very important for chest and helmet!)

+% Damage per 100 unspent Rage

+x All Res

+% All Res

+% Cooldown Reduction

+% Transfere Time Reduction

+x Ferocity>Wisdom/Toughness

  • Boots


+% Move Speed

+x Health

+% Health

+x Ferocity>Wisdom/Toughness


we are going full ferocity for the highes amount of bonus damage per point

if you dont have gear with wisdom make sure ur ailment chance is at least 10 percent

if you want to be tankier i recommend one third of the points into toughness


this is the finalist tree

keep in mind that you can turn the wheels on the left so align the tree like i did please
from the middle to the south in the first ring we have sentinel
second ring ranger and warlock
third ring exorcist and time weaver

critical nodes in this build are

residual energy in the warlock class
this gives us additional damage scaling if our total attack damage
so flat damage multiplied with all damage increases and then it takes 30% from that and adds it on top
and then all of that gets multiplied by crit damag

this is what makes our attack inflict every ailment by cycling through our spells

next important one is immortal offering
this again is also additional damage not a percent increase
when we kill an enemy for each 5 stacks of a different ailment on them we get 25% additional damage
the type of the added damage is from the corresponding ailment.


  • wailing arrows

we are using wailing arrows to proc all the ailments in our build
by just cycling through our skills the highest damage type on wailing arrows becomes that from the last spell cast
and it swaps it instantly without needing to recast the ability

we are using the modifier aching accuracy not because we want to charge it up but we can cancle the charge instantly which results in no cast animation

flames of envy converts the base damage into fire which means our second highest damage type is fire which applies burn

and the other modifiers are for damage

  • gunslingers brand

since single target damage is a huge problem with this build this attack adds a little bit more dps against bosses

order through chaos and endless throes are the most important
the others add more damage

  • anomaly

converted into lighting to trigger residual energy with that damage type1
and rending of matter to basicly half the cooldown

  • plagueburst

for toxic residual energy to apply poison

  • aether jump

with spirits of the void to deal aether damage
since we only get the residual energy buff from a spell that deals damage
it would not give us the buff if we remove this

  • bulwark of dawn

gives us sacred damage which applies weakness
same here again have to take this modifier other wise it wouldnt work

  • mark of impurity

and our last ailment curse comes from mark. the modifiers still apply even when triggered with the unique belt the trial

if you dont have the belt swap mark of impurity for bulwark of dawn and grab the modifier guilt by association


concept of the build was entirely done by me shef_roxy

you can find me on youtube and twitch

i hope you enjoy the build leave me a like on my youtube video and on wolcen universe if you do

also shout outs to my colleges stefthedude and zerosorc thanks for making this community page possible!

as always i see you in the next one!




servus wolcen community! shef here! i finaly finished my mage build sorry for the long wait but im also working a full time job
i stream over on twitch and also the community web page takes quite some time to update so i got my handsfull
but yeah it is finaly here i did try crit damage first but i could not make it work so i swapped over to ailments
and as u can see in the footage it can clear lvl 120 easely
i first wanna talk about ailments since those are the very fundementals of this build
i have done an advanced guide on this in the beta which still aplies to the release version but to briefly summarize
we have either attack damage or spell damage and both of those have in total 9 damage types which are grouped in 3 sections
with physical, toxic and rend
with fire, frost and lightning
and occult
with aether, sacred and shadow

we can only aply the corresponding ailment of our highest damage
for example lets say we deal 300 toxic damage and 150 fire so this spell or attack would apply the poison ailment

with the passive node grievous afflictions we make it so our 2 highest damage types aply their ailment

so by manipulating our base damage on attacks and spells we apply every single ailment with the exception of freeze and stun
since stun is not in the game yet and freeze does not trigger immortal offering or any other buffs
then these damage types have only a chance to apply their ailment depending on our ailment chance score
once we proc that we apply one stack of the ailment where we can add more stacks with gear and passives
and then we can multiplie those stacks by 2 with the 3 passive nodes in the cabalist
so if we have +2 stacks on gear we would apply 6 stacks in total per proc

with that out of the way let me explain which skills aply what ailment

avenger auto turret applies poison and bleed since we get added toxic and rend damage to attacks on gear
then all of our spells aply statis because we only focus around aether damage added to spells which makes it our
second highest damage type
then we use the convertion on anomaly to deal lightning damage which applys shock
tear of etheriel converted to fire to apply burn
and arctic spear into sacred to apply weakness

the trial belt triggers mark of impurity on anything we hit which applies curse because of the modifier accursed blade

and the last 2 spells are for utility
bulwark of dawn gives us a damage buff and health regen to negate fatal pacts damage
and the last skill aether jump is for mobility

with the introduction out of the way lets talk details in the items, skills, atributes and passive sections



we have to use a dagger or pistol to be able to cast turret

the most important thing is toxic and rend damage added to attacks
this needs to be higher then 25% of our total attack damage since immortal offering
gives us additional damage of the corrisponding ailments damage type which would mess up our ailments that we want to apply

then once we have that sorted other affixes we are looking for from highest to least priority
%ailment damage increases
% elemental or material damage
and flat ailment chance score


a catalyst
with flat aether damage added to spells
percent ailment damage
and flat ailment chance score

other usefull stats are

%spell life leech and cast speed


rings and amulet

with the most important affix ailment stacks inflicted
this is a sarisel affix obtained by luring untained in expeditions if u need information on that watch my beginner guide
it can now also be obtained by socketing a genesis stone and using a reagent on it

then we also want to avoid other flat damage types added to spells
or if you happen to roll other good stats on it add more aether damage on other gear to make it your second highest damage type

other affixes we are looking for are
%Damage increases, %resistance score and % ailment chance score


we are using the unique trial

it automaticly aplies mark of impurity on anything we hit

if you dont have this unique grab a normal belt with same stats as the other accesories
and swap bulwark of dawn for mark and aply it yourself


we are looking for the item category heavy
because resistances combo with our passives

the most important affix is generic % damage increase
after that material

then other affixes we want are
flat wisdom
flat all res score
then material is decent since the passive scales with physical resistance
and last percent cost reduction


heavy catergory again

with our highest priority on cooldown reduction since our spells have a fairly high one

other things we are looking for on here are
flat all res or material res score
flat status ailment chance
% transfere time reduction
and flat health


with % damage and % movespeed

  • GEMS

we are looking for Tier one offensive slots with either emerald or ruby depending on what damage type u lack on attacks

if you happen to roll tier 2 offensive we could make use of that by using ambers for added aether damage to spells

and in tier 3 we could use topaz for increased burn damage

on defesnive we want tier 3 for all res from alexandrite however the other 2 tiers would give us still the passive node
damage increases with copperstones

and then last on support we are looking for tier 3 with amethysts for transfere time reduciton
if you roll other sockets or have enough on gear allready use topaz for more fire damage or leech


  • “avenger” autoturret

with the most important modifiers flak launcher, twin repeater and balistics

others we use are kinetic, automated, and sleepless

keep in mind that you dont have to use turret any other attack skill is viable
other attack skills i enjoyed using are bleeding edge, railgun and wailing arrows

  • then anomaly the spell

with which we apply shock through the modifier echo wave pattern
the other modifier rending of matter basicly halves the cooldown since we can cast it a second time
and then echoes for utility and auspicious for damage

  • next spell is tear of ehteliel

which aplies burn through the mod scorned by fire
mandetory modifier is stalactite rain which makes the spell hit more often
and the last few points are spend on meteor and climactic for cooldown
and dizzying for damage

  • next spell is arctic spear

converted into sacred for the weakness stack with beauty of hope
and boon and ominous for utility

if u dont have the unique belt the trial swap this out for mark for less damage and more survivabilty by keeping bulwark

  • bulwark with these modiefiers

most important one is divine so it always stays ontop of us

and generative and everlasting to have 100% uptime

there is a modifier that makes this skill deal sacred damage but it wont aply weakness since its not our highest damage type

if u dont have the unique belt swap this for mark of impurity

  • and last skill aether jump

the best movement spell in the game with march of the time devourers escape artist
and hypocosmic for fast traveling around maps

  • and then you also want to level up mark

since the modifiers still work even when applied with the belt
this is where we get our curse stacks from with the modifier accursed blade
and the others all increase our damage dealt and ailment chance


i put points into wisdowm untill i reach 30% ailment chance
since i dont have perfect gear and only aply 8 stacks per proc
if you have at least plus 4 stacks on gear i recommend going down to 10% that is more then enough if you aply almost
all stacks in 2 procs since our spells hit very often
and then the rest of the points all into toughness


this is the finalized tree

keep in mind that you can turn the wheels on the left side so from the middle to the south the first ring is soldier
second with ranger and warlock
and the third with arms maester and white arrow
critical nodes are which time cannot heal this basicly doubles our damage since it works with ailments
ancient fervour for ailment chance and damage
fatal pact for damage aswell this applies all ailments to ourselves that is the reason we go for bulwark to negat that
salvatory in the endgame for more defense
and every single node in the cabalist because they all work with ailments
with the exception primordial insights this node is still buged and once its fixed this build will become even
more powerfull

and thats it for this guide hope you enjoy the build
leave me a like on youtube if you apreciate the wolcen content and if u want to go the extra mile chuck me a few bucks on paetreon
for all the hard work time and effort i put into this! as usal im burning the midnight fuel again cuz im also working
a full time job and dont really have much time anyways




servus wolcen community shef here! back at it again with yet another build this time bleeding edge!
it is very powerfull and easy to gear for so it lets me grind endgame efficiently
im using frenzied blows, this is the most powerfull passive node in the entire game now so we have to use this no matter what
with that said i dont recommend picking it up early tho since the doubled rage cost will require some rage cost and transfere time reduction on gear first! more detail on what to spec into, when leveling in the passive section

then the other skills we are using are not my favorite i dont really like the melee weapon skills but with the new 2 hander
buffs in 1.0 we dont really have choice
at the very least this skills now have become usefull because of the new modifiers that we have now we can finaly get some damage buffs out of them first one is juggernaut it gives us some defense and stuns trash mobs
its a panic button you can press when ur on low health

souvereign shout gives us some defense aswell and movement speed which counter acts the debuff we got from one of our passives
im not a huge fan of the animation tho standing still to do that shout always felt very bad and it requires some thought
when u actualy buff urself since u dont want to lock yourself into that animation when a boss charges up an attack

then trackers reach is more of a filler to be honest it also has a long animation and doesnt give us any usefull buffs so i rarly use it with that said u could make use of the modifier arresting claw to aply stasis and combo it with which time cannot heal but to me personaly its not worth it
i would swap this out for winters grasp if i had the unique veiled eclipse
that would be a massive damage boost since then we could get residual energy on passives and rings
i already managed to roll one residual energy on my ring its fairly difficult to get so this is for min maxing in the ultra endgame

and the last 2 skills we are using are warpath and wings of ishmir those are for quick traveling from one end of the map to the other
they also buffed wings of ishmir now in the release version it gives us a decent damage buff

with the introduction out of the way lets go over the specifics in the items, skills, atributes and passive sections


  • mainhand

we are using a twohanded warhammer since those weapons can have the highest rolls. stats we are looking for from most important to least are
flat damage to attacks
crit damage
and % increases for either over all damage or material since bleeding edge only deals rend damage

  • rings

same again most imporant to least
flat damage to attacks
crit damage
%damage increases

when we have the unique pants veiled eclipse then we also want the residual energy affix on here
attacks gain damage from last spell cast

  • belt is a unique the trial

this applys mark of impurity automaticly
we would have more damage with a rare belt with damage to attacks and applying mark ourseleves
but because of the 2 hander this is not an option

  • shoulders and glovs

with rage cost reduction %damage increases and atributes preferebly ferocity

  • chest helmet and pants

most important is transfere time reduction
then %damage increases
and last atributes

  • boots

with +%movespeed
and atributes


we want 3 offensive tier 1 slots on weapon
with any gem that gives us flat damage to attacks

on chest helmet and pants we want
defensive tier 1 with alexandrite gems untill we reach 100% block chance
then we get tier 2 for more block effiency

and support sockets tier 3 with amethyst if you lack cost and transfere time reduction on gear
if not get support tier 2 with rubys for more damage


  • main damage skill is bleeding edge

this skill will feel very clunky to use untill you unlock the modifier unstoppable momentum because there is an animtion on catching the blade aswell without it and it locks you into place for quite a while

  • juggernaut

this is our panic button if we should ger low on health

  • next skill is souvereign shout

like i said im not a huge fan of the long animation on this but it has some decent buffs now in version 1.0

  • next trackers reach

if u want the modifier arresting to combo it with the passive which time cannot heal

swap out trackers reach for winters grasp with these modifiers if u have veiled eclipse

  • warpath

with the most important modifier forge a path and sprinting strides

  • and the last skill wings of ishmir


as always im going full ferocity for the highest damage gain
since each point in our primary atribute gives us the highest damage bonus per point
that is only personal prefrence so if u wanna sacrafice a little bit of damage for tankiness spec one third of your
points into toughness

when playing story mode i recommend half of the points in toughness since story mode bosses hit hard


this is the final tree

keep in mind that you can turn the wheels on the left
to the south in the first ring is soldier
in the second assassin and cabalist
and in the third arms maester and white arrow
if u have veiled eclipse take residual energy instead and get it as early as possible since its a massive damage increase

and thats it for this guide
im burning the mid night fuel yet again even tho i said i would take a day off today but i just cant help it
being a content creator was always my dream and i wanna work hard to earn it
in the last guide i said i would do a mage but im lacking gear for that so i made this build to farm quicker




servus wolcen community shef here! back again this time with the updated version on the turret build for the full release of wolcen!
the game came out 3 days ago and i have been grinding non stop so i wanted to show case the build i have been using to get to champion lvl 85

keep in mind that this build is not nearly finished since im missing a lot of gear and i gotta do way more testing on passives nodes!

so what this build does is we use turret as our main source of damage but i do not run autonomous sensors anymore i guess they renamed it now to flak launcher in the release version.
since we have way more modifiers then in the beta we got quite a few nodes that increases our damage drasticly
and we dont need to aim at bosses anymore because of the break mechanic
bosses now have a second bar underneath their health which depletes with damage and crowdcontrol like freezes and
stuns, once it reaches zero the boss gets stunned for a long period which gives our turrets enough time to usaly kill them
as another source of damage and to proc our passive which time cannot heal we use deathgazer railgun
this skill is just very satisfying to use and by the way this skill shoots faster if you move after attacking
if u want you could swap that for another buff like bulwark of dawn or consuming embers and go full on turret only
then as another buff we are using winters grasp which also deals crowdcontrol damage to bosses and freezes trash mobs
we can get this skill to 0 second cooldown with the new modifiers that add cooldown reduction
as a side note this skill does not have a cast animation when you run so you can cast it as often
as you have resource for in an instance
then as another damage increase we take mark of impurity
and our last skill is ather jump this is still the best mobility spell in the game

with the introduction out of the way lets go over the details in the items, skills, atributes and passive sections


most important stats to least important for damage

  • flat damage added to attacks
  • critical hit damage
  • % damage increases (x% damage, x% material damage, x% elemental)
  • crit chance

we can get that on our accessory and weapon

next thing we need is cost and transfere time reduction because of our passive frenzied blows. we get that from shoulders, gloves, helmet, chest and pants

other stats we can get on here for damage are

  • %damage increases
  • x+atributes best would be your primary but secondary is a decent boost

then we are using a catalyst to be able to cast our spells best in slot would be the unique mackefesten enneract

if you dont have it yet use any rare one but it needs to have as little -transfere time as possible since that actualy slows it down, also boots are not too important just look for movespeed and damage increases like on other armor


our main source of damage comes from rail gun and auto turret rail gun is used for clear and turret for single target

utility spells are mark of impurity winters grasp

and aether jump


full ferocity for the highest damage. when leveling tho i recommend half the points in toughness since story mode bosses hit hard


we start of in the soldier tree going down into assissin getting merciless lethality

going up 1 point into scholar and to the left into praetorian making our way into exorcist grabing branded burst and exorcist

further down from the preatorian into time weaver for which time cannot heal

starting the second part to the right in the sentinel to get to warmonger with fest for the crows and manic slaughter

continuing from the one point in scholar going up into warlock getting residual energy then to the right in ranger grabing save from afar

and then at the very end finishing off with frenzied blows in child of fury

and maximum resource in the warlock next to residual energy

and thats it for this guide!

hope you like it there is also a video of this build on youtbe leave me a like there if u appreciate the time and effort i put into this!


servus wolcen community! shef here! today i wanted to give my thoughts and opinions on the announcment on whats to come for the full release thursday the 13th of february

content covered in this update will be the last 6 skills, new endgame and cosmetics!

official statement from wolcen studio https://wolcengame.com/forum/announcements/official-news/fashion-skills-and-endgame/


so we will have access to it after completing the story mode, with any character which means levling new chars after the first one will be fairly easy again because you can let a friend pull you through expeditions and the shared exp will level you quite fast the expeditions are going to be randomised dungeons again as in the beta but with additional maps
currently there are only 3 but how many we get in the end remains unkown

in addition to loot from expeditions we will now also be able to build constructions
in the city of stormfall, the main hub
the harder the challange the faster the projects complete
there is also a new mechanic called productivityif we have a look here at the first facility revealed

  • the stormfall palace

this will permanetly up the productivity which will speed up construction

the other facilitys will unlock more powerfull options

  • for example the second one is called stormfall institute

this will give us an aditional passive point
so my guess will be that we are going to get one passive point every second level up to 80
and the last few points will be unlocked here. however there is no information on what the cap on passive points will be

  • the west side of this building will unlock the 5th skill slot

this is not counting the right mouse button
which means we will have 6 skill slots in total on release

  • third is the enneract laboratory

enneracts are the quote “skill books” of this game which you unlock skills with this building will give us the option to duplicate skills which is nice for farming primordial affinity
that is the purple currency underneath the gold which can only be obtained by selling enneracts
on the first page of the merchant called demetra
we maybe need that because this currency is also used to upgrade buildings
with that said the buildings teased so far do not have a high cost tho
i remember farming a full inventory of enneracts in the beta and never needing more than that

  • on to the last building the transmutation forge

this will unlock the option transmute items which enables us to reroll it into another one
the text states throw any unused equipment into the forge in the hopes of getting something usefull
so the out come will be random not very exciting for me personaly but at the very least this will
give us a use for gold and affinity in the endgame
we will also be able to upgrade this forge so there could be the posibilty of it becoming better
or more specific in what it does later


  • the first one is evasion

as you can see here its a movement skill very important tho
it goes into the opposite direction then your cursor
it also drops a projectile which deals damage and slows enemies

its an attack skill usable with daggers pistols or bows

tags are attack, projectile and 2 new ones rogue and movement
the last 2 are intersting because in the last update we saw a modifier
on infity blades that lets you cast warrior skills for a few seconds
so maybe there is something that works together with those new tags

rage cost is 54 which is nothing
but the cooldown of 6 seconds is fairly high
and the 3 modifiers that have been revealed do not remove that
because of that aether jump will still be my favorite but the other 13 modifiers might change that

talking of which the first modifier is called enshrouded distance
knocks back enemies
that one is meh if i already have an escape then i dont need knock back
so if i had to guess the points are spent better on others

next is unseen autonomy
breaks any crowd control effects
currently in the beta if anything hits you ur dead anyways but i hope that will change on release so this might be usefull since there are some very long stuns

last modifier swaddling smoke
begins force shield regen if an enemy is hit by the projectile
force shield is another thing that probably become usefull on release since like i said enemies dont one shot us

  • on to the next skill called juggernaut

summon a shield that absorbs a certain amount of damage
it explodes once depleded or with increased damage on re-cast

its an attack usable with melee weapons

and the tag states attack and warrior
another skill that would combo with the modifier on infinty blades
rage cost 136 is fair
but the cooldown tho 25 seconds holy moses
this has the highest cooldown in the game
and again no modifiers revealed that decrease it
currently by just looking at the text i would never sacrafice a slot for this
but a ton is going to change so who knows

first modifier crushing wall
damages enemies attacking your shield scaling with weapon damage
if that really only takes the stats of your weapon then it probably wouldnt do much
but yeah this is very bare bones and a lot of testing will be done on my part

next one perpetual osmosis
force shield is added to the maximum absorption
can already see a synergy there with evasion
cast this and evade to start energy shield regen

and the final modifier equalizor
can be cast onto allies
group play is pretty much the only thing i havent done a lot of in the beta
if this will be usefull remains to be seen

  • next skill is called livor mortis

its a summoner skill the third one revealed so far
it raises a poison golem which has a cleave attack
it can also be used as a tank because on recast it taunts enemies

its a spell usable with staves or catalysts

tags are spell and summon
willpower cost 76
and cooldown 1.5
just like all the others
but aditionaly this skill will give us willpower regen
so maybe this will be our resource generator for the summoner class

first modifier foul guardian
makes it generate more threat and increases health

next one generational grief
redirects damage that we take to our golem
that will help with survivability

and the last one thundercracking punisher
converts basic toxic damage into lightning
and it becomes a mage that can cast a shield
the interesting thing is on the bottom it says disable ravenous reach
theres no modifier called like that so they probably done some testing and found a busted
combination so they probbably nerfed something already with that

  • next skill parasite

channel a ray that leaches health untill they become possessed after that restore target to full health again
its a spell
and the tags state summon
so i guess we take control over the enemey once its possessed but it doesnt state that you could control
it where it goes with a recast so how usefull this skill will be depends on how good the AI is
willpower per second 58 should be alright
and cooldown 0.5 which seems odd maybe that determins the ticks on the leech

first mod leaking life
leeches forceshield instead of health

next one on shoulders of giants
possessed monster becomse stronger
so dps increase

and last one house of leeches
heals an ally but with your own health
huh i dont know how i should feel about that
there have been a ton of skills and modifiers that work on allies so they are really pushing
group content i wonder how it will turn out in endgame
i did not enjoy the support barb in diablo 3 but maybe this will make actual healers viable
which sounds more fun to me

  • on to the next called plagueburst

creates an area of effect which explodes enemies or allies on death
dealing poison damage
its a spell
willpower cost 97 decent
cooldown 10 seconds tho
i dont know how long this lasts and if it is stationary otherwise this might be an issue
but it does combo well with feeding swarm since you can let them charge and explode at target location on recast
so if this staacks it would be a nice combo

modifiers are expendable meat
summond allies explode upon cast
like i said we could already let our feeding swarm zombies explode so im not sure how usefull this will be

next noxious smog
leaves a poison cloud after explosions

and the final one vitiation
increases explosion damage per ailment stack
that one looks decent for clearing depending on scaling on this thing per stack
its very easy to get tons of stacks from different ailments on enemies

  • next skill solarfall

channel a damaging area of effect from the sky that follows the cursor
its another spell

willpower cost per second 145 seems extreme
cooldown 0.5 probably referes to damage ticks

first mod sunrise
makes the area static and can be recast to change location
i wonder if it still requires you to stand still then to channel it
if it frees you up to do other stuff that would be an amazing skill

next plasmic eruption
creates a nova when critting
woooow awesome node, but it also has a cooldown so if this will be good depends on the time and if cooldown
reduction affects it also we dont know if it just deals base damage or if its affected by other spell damage

and the last modifier of the last skill
leaves a damaging trail

ok thats it with the skill section

  • lets move on to the last thing i wanna talk about cosmetics

we will get 140 dyes which we can use to colour our equipment
in the different channels looks like there will be 8 slots

we can also change the base skin which is unlocked by finding that specific item

there is a restriction on weapon type but not on armor
so any armor can have any skin on it

personally i dont really care about this i usaly go diablo 2 style
since back then the most powerfull items looked like beginner gear but the stats on it were very powerfull

and thats it for this weeks patch note run down thx for reading!